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6 Uncommon Ways to Beat Anxiety

fight anxietyWe all know that stress can lead to anxiety and panic symptoms. In fact, billions of dollars are being spent each year around the world just to beat anxiety disorders and to find anxiety treatment. Aside from costly and sometimes unnatural ways of getting help for anxiety, there are not-so-popular ways to beat anxiety dead on its tracks. The key in understanding alternative ways against anxiety is knowledge. If you know what makes you feel stressed, you can help your body cope better with anxiety. There are safe ways to give sufferers a long-lasting relief against the ill-effects of anxiety. Here are some of the things you can do in order to cope better with anxiety.


For some people, walking enables them to clear their mind. Aside from the exercise which is helpful in bringing down the stress; walking has other benefits. Walking especially with a friend helps you to take a look at the surroundings and give you a better feeling. Walking allows you to focus on the fitness and away from the things that stresses you. When you are thinking a lot about problems and the uncertainties that often cause anxiety; it pays to just take a walk instead and enjoy the activity. It will help you become calmer and become focused in dealing with those things that cause anxiety.

Scented Candles

Aromatherapy is one of the best alternatives to medications in combating panic attacks and helping reduce anxiety. There are certain scents that are able to calm the nerves and enable the body to cope better with anxiety. There are inexpensive scented candles in some specialty shops. If you are afraid of setting up your bedroom on fire, you can replace the scented candles with scented oils instead. In a 2009 study, aromatherapy has been demonstrated to help ease anxiety with people that are suffering from breast cancer. It is also revealed in the same study that aromatherapy not only eases anxiety but it can also stimulate the immune system.


A study commissioned by the US National Cancer Institute revealed that touch therapy and massage can improve the quality of life and even help ease anxiety of cancer patients. According to researchers, massage was able to reduce stress and anxiety by 44 percent and depression by 31 percent. In a study conducted in Sweden, it was found out that massage was able to reduce anxiety in patients that were recovering from a major surgery and also reduced stress levels in healthy persons. The respondents reported feeling better and more relaxed. Aside from feeling less anxious, the respondents had lower blood pressure and lowered blood sugar levels. Getting regular massage can help people that are suffering from chronic anxiety to feel a lot better.


Writing does not come often as a great way to relieve anxiety but it does a splendid job. When you try to get a grip with emotions it is better to write them down as a form of release. This only works when you are feeling stressed and not during the height of a panic attack. Writing works as a form of therapy against anxiety.


Cuddling with your pet eases stress and anxiety. So take some time and show your love for your pet and it will make your anxiety disappear into thin air.


A lot of experts believe that most of the anxiety that people are feeling are caused by improper and shallow breathing. We all breathe all the time and without air we would not last more than three minutes. When people are stressed often they do shallow breaths compared to normal breathing. Shallow breathing changes the body chemistry and decreases the oxygen levels in the body. Try to do some relaxation breathing when you feel anxious.

Being anxious is normal and only coping with it can make your life better. Understanding the things that make you anxious gives you a better grip about life. Take some time out and smell the flowers because it may be the only thing that can make you feel happier.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera writes articles that help people deal with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and stress.  If you want to learn more about these health conditions, check out his Calm Clinic Facebook account.

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