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Are Tattoos Really Safe?

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Getting a Tattoo: Here are some Concerns

One big concern many people have when they are considering getting a tattoo is if it is safe. Also, they might wonder what the risk of infection is. Really, the answer to this question is minimal. This is because industry standards have been set and state and local regulations are strictly enforced these days regarding tattoo safety. However, this does not mean you should not have any concerns when it comes to getting tattoos, but you do have more control over them now.

One real fear many people face is the fear of contracting a serious infectious disease like HIV or Hepatitis. Getting a tattoo is a medical procedure that is minor and when having a tattoo done, your skin is being pierced with a needle many times which injects small amounts of ink pigments into your skin. Obviously, the bigger your tattoo is, the more injections you are going to need and the more detailed it will be resulting in the needle contacting your blood as well. Now, there is a very small risk of getting an infection during the tattoo process, however, like with most medical procedures, it is very unlikely since the industry at large is regulated so tightly by local and state authorities. If these safety standards and regulations were to be violated there would be serious consequences resulting in huge fines and other repercussions like the closing down of the business and potential liability suits.

Ways to Stay Safe when Getting a Tattoo

1. Upon entering the tattoo parlor, make sure you see a sterilization and autoclave certificate somewhere or ask to see it. The autoclave is what actually sterilizes the equipment used for tattooing.

2. Make sure the artist is wearing gloves. This should be a latex medical glove that will protect you from any germs as well as the tattoo artist.

3. Ask the tattoo artist what kind of training they have as well as any certification. Although there are not too many tattoo programs for training around, they should hold a certification of some sort from the state that they are practicing in.

4. Be sure ink, ointment, water and all other items are not put back into a universal container that was used for another client. This is not healthy and anything the tattoo artist uses needs to be thrown away after or placed into a biohazard container.

5. Be sure only new needles that are sterile are taken out of the autoclave bag right in front of you. This will ensure the needle is clean and new.

For more information on tattoos, safety information, resources, Kit per Tatuaggi and more, you can visit the-tattooshop. Getting a tattoo should be a fun and exciting time; however, you need to ensure all safety measures are being taken. By following the precautions above you are only helping to keep this process safe so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of getting that amazing tattoo on your skin.

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