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Fitness for Frequent Flyers and Travelers

Exercise Tips While on VacationMany people enjoy traveling. For others, it simply results in exhaustion. Regardless of your feelings about travel, it does come with certain risk factors. Those who travel frequently tend to have poorer health than individuals who tend to stick closer to home. Among those who travel 20 or more days a month, obesity rates are significantly higher than those who spend less than one week away from home each month.

Fortunately, your personal fitness doesn’t have to take a heavy hit each time you take a trip. A little advance planning coupled with personal mindfulness, will help you maintain a healthy fitness routine no matter how often you travel.

How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Every good trip begins before you leave home. Make plans to incorporate your fitness routine by doing a little research before your journey. Learn what you can about your destination. If you belong to a health club, find out if you can gain access to a gym at your destination. Find out what fitness amenities are offered at your hotel, and if you are booking your own accommodations, select to stay at a place that offers amenities to suit your preferences when working out. These might include running trails that guests can use, a swimming pool for treading water or doing water exercises, in-room fitness or yoga videos, a well-equipped fitness center and fitness sessions for guests.

My Friend’s Experience

On a recent trip to Maui one of my friends was able to book a hotel with accommodations that suited his early morning workout needs by doing some of this research on a travel site. He basically looked through all of his options for Maui hotels on the site and was able to pick a hotel within his budget that had a great workout center.

Other Pointers

On the Flight: When flying to a location, take time to stretch and do some basic in-flight exercises. Simple side bends, back stretches, shoulder shrugs and ankle rolls will help eliminate many of the discomforts associated with long flights.

At the Hotel: At your hotel, take the time to orient yourself to your surroundings before rushing to meetings or other activities. Locate the fitness center and other amenities. In your room, stretch or do a brief yoga routine to help get your blood circulating and ground yourself.

In General: Throughout your travels, pay attention to the opportunities for fitness. You probably won’t have a chance to work out at the gym for an hour or more each day, but you can take the stairs instead of the elevator. Getting up a little early each morning to exercise will also help you. Go on a brief morning run before breakfast or enjoy some time doing yoga in your room before morning meetings. Each small activity will add up to better fitness and health for you.

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