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How Can I Prevent Weight Gain?

gain-weightMany people nationwide are concerned with weight loss, and understand how difficult it can be to lose significant amounts of weight and keep it off. Even people who reach a healthy weight or are able to maintain a healthy weight often have stubborn “problem areas” that still hold fat even if other areas are lean and trim. Common problem areas can include hips and thighs, stomach, or rear end. Maintaining weight loss can be difficult, especially when you are busy or have limited resources.

Important to make choices

Students, busy professionals, and parents often have tight schedules that limit their ability to plan ahead and make complex meals on a daily basis; people who travel regularly or have business meetings at restaurants may be unable to avoid restaurant food, which often has much more salt, fat, and preservatives than other foods and can be unhealthier. However, it is not difficult to make healthy choices, even with limited resources or when dining out.

It is important to get an adequate amount of exercise, which can help with weight loss even if counting calories is put on hold for a day or two. Even working out for a few minutes a day can contribute to burning those extra calories–and that extra fat–and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Jogging, taking the stairs when possible, and playing actively with your children are all good ways to get in that little bit of extra exercise. Skipping meals is a huge problem and many dieters fall into this trap. Although it seems to make sense that eating one less meal would mean saving that many calories, skipping meals can actually slow down your metabolism, which can bring weight loss to a halt. In addition, skipping meals can make the body hungrier, causing overeating the next time you do eat.

Avoiding stress and staying hydrated are also important.

Taking steps to prevent being overly stressed and suffering dehydration can help curb appetite and keep you feeling full for much longer. When out at a restaurant, or grabbing lunch at the corner store, it is a much better option to make healthy choices instead of regretting the calories later. Choosing grilled or baked foods over fried ones is one small step that can be taken to cut down on fat, and salads are always a good option–but beware of fatty dressings, cheeses, and croutons. In addition, portion control can be helpful–restaurant portions are often huge, so cutting the meal in half and taking the rest away in a to-go box can not only save calories, it can save money by providing you with an extra meal.

Options for stubborn weight

Although staying healthy and making good eating choices goes a long way in terms of weight loss, it is not always enough. Dr. Thomas Loeb, a board certified plastic surgeon states, “Some people are genetically predisposed to holding on to fat in certain areas, and more and more patients are looking into liposuction procedures to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat.” These procedures are ideal for people who are within ten percent of their goal weight and want to target certain areas where excess fat is stubborn and hard to lose. Dr. Loeb has extensive experience with liposuction and many other body sculpting procedures such as breast reduction and Smart Lipo; you can get more information on these procedures, and see before and after pictures at

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