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How to Care for a New Tattoo

tattoo careDo not use lotion if you have a fresh tattoo. There are tattoo artists that inform their customers to use an ointment the first several days while the tattoo is healing, and then use lotion. However, lotion can prove to be harmful to a healing tattoo because of the ingredients listed in most lotions.

Oil and Gel treatment

Use only oil or oil-based ointment for the first several days. Avoid using any lotion. Aloe Vera and other types of natural products are great healing products to use. You can use the regular Aloe Vera gel or you can try the Aloe Vera plant. But beware that the plant may produce a burning sensation. That’s no problem.

It’s just part of the healing process the Aloe Vera plant provides. Don’t overuse the gels. Apply generously but apply it once or twice a day. Aloe Vera will also help to fight any infection that may have built up. You can also try tea tree oil or jojoba oil. Keep the skin moist when the peeling process begins to prevent itchiness and flakes. You can also use Hemp oil during the healing process.

Natural Cleansing

Avoid being out in the sun or the heat. Gently cleanse the tattoo with natural soap or anti-bacterial soap along with warm water. Don’t rub the area. Gently massage it. Avoid swimming because of the chlorine in the pools. Avoid heavy sweating. And wash the tattoo several times a day to avoid dirt build up.

Also, apply ice to the tattoo to prevent inflammation or swelling. Ice will also help to deaden the pain. Aloe Vera and Tea Tree are excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal products. Both products will work to heal any infection, inflammation or swelling.

Remove the Crust

Usually during the first day, a clear liquid call plasma crusting will seep through the tattoo. Avoid letting this crust on the skin to avoid infection. Gently wash it off with luke warm water.

Avoid using petroleum gels or bee’s wax. These oils are known to clog pores and contain ingredients that work against the healing process. For more information on how to properly clean tattoos, go to this Tattools website for reference:

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