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Investing in the Best Pure Water Filters

gravity water filterIt has become quite common knowledge that despite the efforts of our Governments to make our drinking water safe for us, there are still a lot of contaminants in our water supplies that can be very harmful to our health. For example, the chlorine and fluoride we use to kill the parasites in our water can have adverse effects on us. It should be clear to all that you have to tighten your belt and invest in the best pure water filters available.

One of the biggest problems people face once they have decided that they indeed do need filtration systems for their water is the chaotic variety of filters there are to choose from. Below are a couple factors that you should keep an eye out for if you want the best pure water filters.

Can they Remove Chlorine and Fluoride from Water?

The first question you should ask about any water filter is whether it can remove chlorine and fluoride as these are the biggest problem nowadays. Regularly drinking water that has fluoride puts you at risk of tooth discoloration and even disintegration. Chlorine on the other hand can be harmful both when ingested and when showered in. ProOne makes countertop water filters that can easily remove both chlorine and fluoride from water. They also make shower filters that can remove the chlorine from your showering water so that it does not get into your body through your skin.

All Round Costs

Depending on the water filter you choose, you can end up spending anywhere from $30 to thousands. It is important however that you not only consider initial costs but also other costs that arise from the use of the water filter. The ProOne countertop filter for the entire family’s drinking water can be as little as $299. It is gravity fed so you do not ever have to worry about electricity bills going up as with other water filters that remove chlorine and fluoride. The carbon domed filters in them are also cheap should the need to replace them arise. Please visit for more information about this great product.

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