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Ladies: Here are 4 Rules to a Flat Stomach

Flat stomach for womenIn the winter time, women don’t generally stress over a bit of belly fat hanging over their waist bands. After all, why stress over something you can fix up with a body shaping undergarment. But, now that summer is only few weeks away, and the beach is calling your name, not even Spanx can save you, ladies!

The frustrating fact is that stubborn belly fat is the hardest thing to get rid of. For that reason, even women who are dedicated to exercising can’t often iron out their tummy. If you are one of those women, then you should find the following information useful in helping you shape up that midsection.

Flat Stomach Rule #1: Attack Your Hidden Core Muscles

Ladies, if you are trying to get flat stomach, stay away from crunches. They aren’t the best exercise to flatten your stomach. To put it in perspective, you need 250,000 crunches in order to burn one pound of fat; that equates to 100 crunches daily for 7 years. Good Luck with that!

Instead of focusing on crunches, target the muscles located underneath the surface; these muscles are called internal obliques, or transverse abdominis to be more scientific. Strengthening these muscles will pull your middle section in, like a corset; imagine that! The internal obliques are very weak in most women, because they don’t have a clue how to engage them. Try the following exercises to strengthen those muscles:

Flat Stomach Rule #2: Move Your Butt

Ladies, your butt and your belly do not get along; here’s why: Over time, sitting around too much causes your glutes to become useless, which in turn renders your hip flexors stiff. FYI, hip flexors are the muscles that join your hipbones to your legs. As your hip flexors stiffen, they cause your pelvis to tilt forward, increasing the arch in your back and put stress on your spine. From a cosmetic point of view, this situation causes your abdomen to protuberate, making even a flat stomach appear to have a bulge. This means, to lose your tummy, you need to work your butt.

Here are great exercises to help you tone your butt

Flat Stomach Rule #3: Stop Stressing

You have bills, you have a stressful job, we get it; bottom line life is not easy. But here’s what you need to keep in mind. Anxiety and stress cause your body to produce additional cortisol, which is the hormone that promotes fat storage. Based on studies from Yale University, the midsection is 4x more likely to store stress-induced fat, than any other body area.




It also doesn’t help that when confronted with stress, some women find solace in fattening foods, further exacerbating the situation. Well, healthy food and flat stomach go hand in hand as ink and sublimation printers; which brings us to flat stomach rule number 4.

Flat Stomach Rule #4: Eat Flat Belly Foods

Abs are buried under a layer of fat, so you can’t see them until the fat is removed. This means you have to follow these easy dietary guidelines.

Increase your protein intake: Swapping carbs with meat, dairy, fish, and nuts, can help reduce the amount of fat around your mid-section.

Eliminate added sugar: The average American eats approximately 20 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis. Sugar is processed food such as juices, flavored yogurt, baked goods, cereals soda, etc. All that sugar averages up to about 325 empty calories daily. This contributes to a spike in insulin production, which slows your metabolism.

Embrace fat: We are talking about food rich in monounsaturated fat such as avocados, nuts, and olive. As far as foods that contain saturated fat (i.e cheese, butter and milk), eat them in moderation.

Kill the bloat: Regardless of the amount of fat you lose around your tummy, if you are bloated, your stomach will not appear flat. The number culprit is carbonated drink, but healthy food such as beans and broccoli can also cause your stomach to swell up. Also minimize your intake of sodium if you want to avoid a bloated tummy.

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