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Men Problems: Destroy Your Man-Boobs and Love Handles for Good

moobs aka man boobsEvery time I go to my gym, I see the same guy.

He’s a typical 30-something guy, who wants to lose his beer gut, build some muscle to look leaner, and generally get fitter.

Unlike 99% of the guys I observe at a commercial gym, this guy appears to be following a decent program and has done pretty well so far – he’s leaned out, dropped about 25 lbs and looks in great shape.


The guy is not happy, because although he looks great in a t-shirt or vest, it’s when he takes his top off that his problems show.

From speaking to this guy (and eventually coaching him personally) I discovered that he was suffering from a very common ‘man problem’ – being relatively lean and in-shape, but having those stubborn pouches of fat stuck to your chest, waist and belly.

In other words, this man was cursed with the ‘love-handles’, ‘moobs’ (man-boobs) and ‘beer belly’.

Since this is a very common problem amongst lean guys, and it is not addressed nearly enough (from what I’ve seen) I thought I’d share the same advice I gave to him with you today.

How You Look is Down to Your Hormones

There is an obvious and unavoidable link between how you look, perform and feel, and your hormone balance. As a man in the 21st century you are more prone than ever to the host of hormonal imbalance issues plaguing us.


Hormones play a massive part in fat loss, muscle gain, and how you feel. If these hormones are out of whack (as 99% of us are) then no matter how hard you train you will NOT be able to rid yourself of the flabby pecs, stomach fat and love handles.

This may sound like a familiar situation to you? If so, then you are in luck. Right now I’m going to show you the likely problems you have and the simple, natural, and quick solutions to each problem.

Note: This information is for LEAN guys in pretty decent shape who just have the last bits of stubborn fat to tackle. If you are overweight then get to grips with a decent, simple eating and training plan first! Get a free 21-Day Rapid Lean Muscle training plan HERE.

Lose the ‘Love Handles’

This is for guys who are relatively lean but still hold some fat above the sides of the pelvis. Fat storage in this area indicates some insulin resistance.

This means that the hormone insulin released in your body when you eat food cannot do its job of shuttling the nutrients into muscle cells. This leads to more nutrients either being stored in your blood stream or in fat cells.

Make yourself more sensitive to insulin by making the following eating changes:

  • Eat more protein from natural sources, such as fish, meat, eggs and hemp powder
  • Eat more omega 3 fatty acids
  • Lower your intake of starchy carbs to less than 200g per day
  • Eliminate milk & cream-based products

Once you’ve made the following changes and done them consistently you should see the love-handles leaning out within a couple of weeks.

Blast the ‘Beer Belly’

Fat stored in around the front of the stomach region – especially the bit than hangs below your belly-button – is indicative of low testosterone & high cortisol.

Testosterone is important to help build muscle, and produce adrenaline so you feel like doing manly things, such as having sex and lifting weights!

Cortisol, however, is a nasty little hormone that you want to eradicate. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone that puts your body into a fat-storing mode when it senses an ‘emergency’. This emergency is usually an onset of emotional, mental or physical stress. The first place cortisol sends the fat is around the stomach.

To increase your testosterone and decrease cortisol levels do the following:

  • Lower stress levels through meditation and relaxing
  • Get away from negative moods. Each day think of things you have in your life to be grateful for which will make you feel happier
  • Don’t lift weights to failure. This places a massive physical and mental stress when you fatigue your central nervous system.
  • Only perform explosive repetitions with full power and stop 2-3 reps short of failure on each set.


If you are in relatively lean shape but have man-boobs it’s likely you may have a problem with the ratio of testosterone to estrogen. Your body is inhibiting the mutation of estrogen into testosterone.

As we know, testosterone is the famous male hormone, while estrogen is the female hormone. A high level of estrogen causes you to store fat in the areas where women are supposed to store it – namely the chest.

So no matter how much bench pressing and chest flyes you perform, the fat in this area won’t disappear until you fix the underlying hormonal problem. Here’s how:

  • Start taking omega 3 supplements that contain DHA – this is an essential fatty acid that lowers estrogen significantly
  • Eat more cruciferous, fibrous vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, which also reduce estrogen
  • Stop drinking beer (highly estrogenic)
  • Eliminate processed foods completely. As well as the usual fat-gaining problems that come with junk food, another issue is that the plastic packaging leaves traces of particles on the food that are highly estrogenic. This effect is worsened if the plastic container or packaging has been heated with the food inside it.

So there you have the solutions to the 3 common problems that affect a lot of guys who’ve made great progress but need to shift that last bit of fat – even if they think they’ve tried everything.


About the Author: Justin Devonshire is a Men’s Fitness & Conditioning Specialist. He is the author of the 21-Day Emergency Muscle Building Blueprint – a unique workout & diet plan he used to gain 6lbs of muscle in just 21 days.

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