11 Ways to Clean and Refresh Your Mattress

June 10, 2013

how clean a mattressWhether your mattress just needs a refresher, or if you’re trying to take out some serious stains, take a look at these inventive ways to clean your mattress:

1. Vacuum

I know that you’ve heard of this one before, but it could be the best preventative measure that you take, not including using a mattress protector.  Vacuuming your mattress regularly removes some of the dust mites, as well as any surface dirt that could get ground into the material.  Also, if you ever do spill anything on the bed, it will be easier to clean if it started off dirt-free.  Use your small attachment that’s used for upholstery to go over your bed whenever you wash your sheets.

2. Baking Soda

This can be used two ways: dry and wet.  If you aren’t trying to take out a stain, using it dry is beneficial.  Sprinkle some evenly over your dry, vacuumed mattress, and then put your protector and sheets back on.  The next time that you wash your sheets, vacuum up the baking soda (and any smells and dirt that was absorbed).  To use while wet, mix one part baking soda with two parts water, mash it into a paste, and let it sit on the stain for about an hour.  Blot with cold water to rinse, and let dry.

3. Steam Cleaning

Again, this isn’t so much for stains as for general cleaning.  You can rent a steam cleaner at the supermarket or hardware store, and use the upholstery attachment.  Just make sure that you air out the bed adequately after you clean it, to eliminate the chance of mold and mildew.

4. Upholstery Cleaners

These are designed to be used on couches, chairs, and mattresses!  They can take out normal dirt stains, as well as remove some of the dust mites and their excrement.  They are also easy to find, at supermarkets.  These are better for spot cleaning.

5. Enzyme Cleaners

These break down the proteins of the stain, which can help them release from the fabric.  They might be harder to find, but you can get them at pet stores, near the house training pads (enzyme cleaners are great at removing pee stains and smells).

6. Citrus Cleaners

The acidity in these cleaners can help in neutralizing stains; just make sure that you blot with a clean white cloth.  Also, beware of those cleaners with dyes, as they can stain the mattress themselves!

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

This all-purpose household item is good at lessening blood stains.  Spray it on, and dab while it’s bubbling.  Don’t expect a miracle, blood is impossible to get out, but it will make it less noticeable.

8. Salt

Table salt works for blood stains, when it’s dissolved in a water solution.  Like hydrogen peroxide, don’t expect a miracle, but it’s worth a try.

9. Dishwashing Detergent

Like the cleaners, don’t use one with dyes.  This can take out greasy stains like food.  Make a solution, and scrub with a sponge or brush.  When using dish soap, make sure that you rinse the area thoroughly with a damp cloth.

10. Vinegar

Another item that you probably already have around the house, vinegar takes out stains and odors.

11. Sun

Letting your mattress soak up some rays can not only discourage mold and mildew, but it can get rid of some odors too.

All of these options could work for you, either used together, or separately.  There are a lot of sites on the internet that will show how to clean a mattress with mold or mildew, but we recommend that if your mattress has gotten this far, replace it.  Once mold and mildew have set in, they are near impossible to get rid of, and can lead to respiratory problems.

The easiest way to clean your mattress is to never get it dirty.  Cover your bed with a mattress protector that’s waterproof and dust mite resistant.  Wash your sheets, and sleep clean!

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Atlanta Mattress Cleaning October 24, 2013 at 10:54 pm

I forgot to mention in your article regarding sunlight. I once had a customer who had mold on all of her clothes from water that got in her closet. She said in 2 days in the summer sun the mold disappeared. Apperantely the sun does work well.


Ken Kaplan October 24, 2013 at 10:51 pm

Mold can be completely eliminated with Tree Tea oil. Simply mix 1 teaspoon per 8 oz of water and spray it on the areas where mold is present. The odor will not be pleasant however will vanish as well quickly.
II found that AchooAllergy.com is a good source for Organic Dust mite control sprays and powders and other organic dust mite repelling bedding materials and covers. They sell a nice hand held vapor steam tool which can be used on mattresses and anywhere else to kill Mites. Here is the link http://www.achooallergy.com/reliable-pronto-p7-steam-cleaners.asp
Nice posting, keep up the good work!


Chris- Mold Removal June 10, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Thanks for the tips! Ive never heard to leave your mattress in the sun to kill mold or remove smell. I can see how it might work. The other ways I heard to use. From my experience steam cleaning is the way to go. It makes everything fresh once your done. Its my favorite and what I recommended.


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