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5 Healthy Summer Recipes You Should Absolutely Try

salmon pasta saladWhen the winter months draw to a close, so does our need for warming and hearty winter meals, packed with carbohydrates. There’s something about the sun that makes us crave a fresh garden salad or meat from the BBQ as opposed to fatty and greasy takeaway food. Realistically, cooking in the summer couldn’t be easier, foods are in season and it seems easier to eat a variety of meals.

Indian Summer Salad

There’s something about the aromatic spices and flavors of Indian cuisine that we love and just because the winter has drawn to a close it doesn’t mean we have to give up on them. Acting as one of your five a day and full of antioxidants, an Indian salad is not only flavorsome but extremely healthy. Packed with vegetables and mint leaves, teamed with the flavorsome dressing you have the perfect summer salad that will have your mouth watering.

Salmon Pasta

This is one of the most versatile dishes available and you can throw pretty much anything into the dish. With salmon as your source of omega 3, vegetables contributing to your five a day and pasta as your carbohydrates it has a variety of the food groups, adding numerous nutrients to your diet. Using a small amount of green pesto to cover the pasta, adding a bit of flavor makes it all the more flavorsome. This is great for a warm summers night and can be easily adapted to cater for the whole family.

Tomato and Mozzarella Stacks

Perfect for a light snack, they are extremely simple to prepare. Similar to a caprese salad, it is literally a stack of sliced tomato and buffalo mozzarella. The infused flavors of the tomato and creamy mozzarella make for a interesting taste that is extremely popular. Drizzled with balsamic glaze and garnished with basil, there isn’t a more authentic Italian snack.

Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges

Summer wouldn’t be the same without a hearty burger and chips, however this is a healthier version that is easily altered to cater for vegetarians. With a simple butchers knife you will be able to produce a simple beef burger, using lean mince in order to make it healthier. Try to barbeque it instead of frying, as this will also reduce the fat content. If you do choose to fry the burger make sure you use only a necessary amount of extra virgin olive oil. The sweet potato wedges offer a healthier alternative to potato fries. The sweetness complements the warm weather and a contrast can be found with the use of a sweet chilli chutney.

Eton Mess – With a twist

Of course there has to be a pudding and nothing is more summery than an Eton mess. In order to make it healthier, opt for a natural yogurt instead of cream and use more strawberries than usual. If you wanted, raspberries could also be added to the dessert and will further increase the amount of fruit you consume. Crushing the meringues into the mix adds the finishing touch to the Eton mess and you could even throw in some amaretti cookies to enhance the flavors.