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5 Most Popular Reasons Patients Undergo Nose Plastic Surgery

nose plastic surgeryThere are a several reasons why patients undergo nose plastic surgery and that is why it is one of the most commonly sought after cosmetic procedures to date. Most of these reasons are for either medical or cosmetic purposes, which will be explored in the following article.

No two noses are the same, as they come in an array of shapes and sizes. Unfortunately some patients decide to opt for nose plastic surgery because they are unhappy with the appearance or functionality. Patient’s commonly complain about the following;

Broken/ Misshapen Nose

A broken or misshapen nose due to accidents, from sports or car accidents to simple falls, often require a nose job, as this may be the most effective way to repair the nose or to restore functionality. The surgeon typically performs reconstructive plastic surgery on the patient’s nose, where bone or tissue from other parts of the body can be harvested and then used to repair the nose.


Suffering from sinusitis or other chronic sinus infections. Patients who are suffering from conditions such as these may benefit from Rhinoplasty plastic surgery, as this may be the best solution to stop constant infections from occurring and help the patient to improve their breathing.

Droopy Nose

Having a “droopy” nose or the tip appears too big or bulbous; a nose job can help to straighten it out and thus make the patient feel better about their appearance.

Big/Small Nose

Their nose is either too big or too small; some patients feel that their nose is too wide or not big enough, which can affect the person’s self-confidence. Some patients feel that their nose is disproportionate to the size of their face, a Rhinoplasty can make is more proportionate. Conversely, if the person thinks their nose is too small, there is a form of Rhinoplasty that augments the size of the nose to make it more appropriate to the size of the face.

Other Nose Defects

Having defects on the nose which can also affect a person’s self-confidence. Nose plastic surgery can correct these conditions, which can occur from birth or from scars, moles or in worst case scenarios some cancers.


Whatever your reason is to have nose plastic surgery then it is highly recommended that you get in contact with an ENT specialist, who has years of experience in their field. Choosing a highly skilled and trained surgeon will give you the best results, as they know what techniques work best.

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