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5 Tricks to Help Keep You From Eating in Restaurants

eating in restaurantsWhile eating in restaurants is not the absolute worst thing you can do when trying to eat healthy, it does make it very challenging. For anyone who is actively tracking their food intake and weight, they often see a direct relationship between the frequency of eating in restaurants and struggles with losing or maintaining weight. These 5 insightful tips will help keep you out of restaurants and making better food choices.

Do Menu Planning

Menu planning is a great way to get your eating out urges under control. With carefully planned meals that are scheduled in advance, and the ingredients purchased and ready for preparation, you are much less likely to fall victim to the last minute option of going out to dinner instead of cooking at home. There are a variety of websites that can help you plan out meals for the week, so that you can get organized in the kitchen and avoid restaurants.

Do Bulk Cooking

Plan to do bulk cooking once or twice a week, especially if you have a charged schedule that doesn’t allow time every evening to cook dinner. By preparing dinner for several days at a time, you will have the luxury of simply coming home, heating up your healthy meal and enjoying. Bulk preparation not only saves time and the temptation of eating out because there is nothing ready at home, it also saves energy when you cook several items at once, and prevents you from throwing out food that can go bad before you get around to cooking it. Use wireless Internet to help your find bulk cooking sites that you can reference as you get used to the idea of this kind of preparation.

Have Quick Snacks Ready to Go

The one complaint that many people have about nutritious food is that it requires work. You open the fridge and everything needs preparation, so instead you take the easy road and eat out. All your good intentions are for naught if you end up throwing away good food, because it doesn’t get eaten before it goes bad. Make it a habit to prep easy-to-grab snacks soon after getting home from the grocery store, so that when the urge hits, healthy is what you choose.

Leave Credit Cards and Money at Home

This is a hard-core tip. If you typically find yourself making that last minute decision to eat out on the way home, make it harder for yourself by leaving your credit cards and money at home. That means you have to drive all the way home to get currency and drive back to the restaurant. Making the decision harder will help keep you from giving in easily.

Create an Irresistible Incentive

In your budget where you would normally include a line item for eating out, choose another reward that you have been wanting. It could be the motorcycle fund, a dream vacation, a spa day or anything you choose. Be sure that the money does actually get used for that reward. Start out with smaller rewards so you achieve it more quickly. Delayed gratification can get old before you ever get to the reward otherwise.

Save money and time and enjoy better nutrition when you put these tricks to work to help keep you from eating in restaurants. When you eat at home, you know exactly what is going in your body and have much better control over calories, fat and carbohydrates. Make the wise choice and keep from eating in restaurants to get in shape and get healthy faster.

About the Author: Suzanne Turcotte is a writer who is constantly looking for creative ways to eat healthier.

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