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5 Ways to Kickstart and Maintain Your Motivation

finding-motivationIt can be the hardest thing to find and also the most difficult to hold onto: motivation for losing weight and getting healthy. With so many distractions and everyday-life temptations, it’s a major feat to be able to get motivated and stay motivated throughout your quest to become smaller, healthier, and happier with your body. Here are a few ways to keep yourself going.

Purge and Redo

Make sure you create a healthy environment from the get-go. First things first: purge your home and kitchen of all the bad stuff: junk food, calorie-filled drinks, candy, etc. Then, stock up on the healthy essentials you’ll need to start changing bad habits. If you don’t change your environment, forget seeing changes that last. The easiest and most basic thing to do first when trying to change your habits is getting rid of the bad stuff that’s within your reach.

Get a Trainer

When the motivating voices in your head start losing their influence over your habits, turn to someone else for support, motivation, and determination. A personal trainer can help you get past hang-ups, increase your willpower, and boost your self-esteem on the days when working out feels the hardest. When someone else is counting on you to show up and give it your all, you’re more likely to follow through. With accountability and encouragement from a trainer, it will be easier to create and maintain good habits, a workout schedule, and a determined attitude.

Find Online Support

Weightlossbuddy.com, 3fatchicks.com, and fitday.com are just three of many online communities and resource sites for those seeking support and advice on their journey. Finding others with the same goals – and struggles – as you can really keep your spirits raised and your confidence boosted. Knowing you’re not alone, even on the days you drop the ball, can be a tremendous encouragement. Seek out an online community where you feel welcome and find the support you need. With wireless Internet, it is easy to access your support system from anywhere. Plus, it’s a great place to gather tips, recipes, and more.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes, it’s meeting the milestones along the way that keep you going. Be sure to reward yourself for small victories now and then. Maybe you decide you are deserving of a small dessert, or a new dress that fits your changing body better. A system devoid of rewards will get old quickly, so make sure you include these into your plan as it evolves.

Display Your Goals

Hanging somewhere in the depths of our closets is something all women have – clothes they love that they wish they could still get into it. We hold onto them for many reasons, but why not put your goal outfits on display for motivation? Leave a few items hanging on the outside of your closet so you see them every day. It’s incredibly helpful to create this vision for yourself, and then feeling the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with fitting into them once you’ve reached that goal!

About the Author: Catie Fry is a writer for wireless Internet provider Zing! Broadband.

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