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Back Pain can Ruin your Life, and your Wallet

Back pain is one of humanity’s most common complaints and is one of the leading reasons for visits to neurologists and orthopedists these days. With increase in the complexity of life, back pain has become more and more prevalent. Even it has been reported that more than 70 percent of adults suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain can vary from a mild ache to a sudden and sharp pain. It may go away within the same day with a little rest and medication or it can last as long as you are alive even after complex treatment methods.

Millions of Americans are battling back pain, resulting in drainage of a major amount of money also. Much of the money is spent on the high-tech imaging tests used for diagnosing the cause of the pain. Then, comes the treatment cost which includes sophisticated drugs, physical therapies and surgical techniques. The tremendous rise in medical expenses has also caused due to more prescriptions being written and greater use of newer brand-name medications, which are less-effective instead of the generic one.  Here is an infographic by the team of showing how “Back pain can ruin your life, and your wallet”.

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