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Choosing a Lightweight Wheelchair

Lightweight WheelchairIf you’re a wheelchair user looking for a different type of chair and aren’t sure what type you require, why not consider one of the many lightweight models on the market. Lightweight models have usability in mind and provide the user with a wide range of advantages, including making daily life simpler, independence more achievable and all kinds of experience more enjoyable. A wheelchair is designed to aid mobility and the lighter weight models make moving and getting about even easier. They encourage a more active lifestyle and can even be the way into trying out sports. Here are the top benefits of choosing a lightweight wheelchair model.


When you buy a lightweight model you’ll benefit from ease of portability. If it needs putting in the back of your car or carried by a friend or family member it shouldn’t weight any more than 15 kilograms. They are usually constructed from titanium or aluminum which explains how they manage to be so lightweight.


As well as regular portability, lightweight wheelchairs also provide ease of access to trains, aeroplanes and boats. If you choose to pack away your chair it can be stored easily too and the lightweight nature means wheelchair users can have a hassle-free journey without worrying about getting from A to B.


Lightweight wheelchair design has portability and ease of use at its heart and therefore the ability to fold the chairs is essential. Without compromising performance or portability, lightweight wheelchairs can be folded and compacted away easily. This is an ideal option for users who travel often by aeroplane or car. Some foldable chairs can even be dismantled into separate pieces for easier storage.

Storage Options

Lightweight wheelchairs don’t tend to be packed out with additional features such as storage baskets as they make them weightier. With this in mind users should ensure they have a bag which can easily store all their necessary bits and bobs when out and about.

Why choose a Lightweight Wheelchair?

If you’re regularly out and about then the speed you get around matters. A heavy, weight wheelchair is not a great means of transport and a lighter weight model can be exactly what you need. They’re also a good option for businesspeople that travel regularly and need to be in and out of aeroplanes and cars quickly.

A lightweight wheelchair is also a good substitute for a professional sports wheelchair if you’re interested in trying out new sports but don’t want to invest in a sports chair. Once you’ve got into your new sport then you can consider an exercise-appropriate chair but until then a lightweight chair will give you all you need.

Many of the leading wheelchair retailers produce a number of different types of lightweight model which gives you further choice when it comes to picking your chair. There are different brands which offer different price ranges and there are different colors and styles to suit different personalities. The range means you’ll be bound to find a model which is both right for your needs and looks great too.

About the Author: Karl Thom is an occupational therapist from Bradford. He specializes in helping clients choose lightweight wheelchairs and other mobility equipment as required.

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