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Do’s and Don’ts of Boosting Testosterone

Boosting testosteroneTestosterone is a male hormone that plays a vital role in male fitness and vitality. The production of testosterone increases during puberty, peaks during the twenties and thirties and starts declining after forty. Although some men suffer from low T well before the age of forty due to poor lifestyle decisions. Whatever your current state, it’s important for you to have an optimal secretion of this essential hormone if you want to enjoy a healthy, fruitful and active life.

Here are suggestions on how you can make this happen

If you start feeling depressed, lethargic, or begin losing muscle mass, test your T levels immediately. Then seek appropriate testosterone remedies if your numbers are less than optimal. Fortunately, there are several excellent remedies you can use to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

But remember…

There are certain do’s and don’ts  you must strictly follow if you want them to actually work.

1: Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking and drinking may be considered manly but these habits definitely affect your health and the production of testosterone in your body. Alcohol directly affects your liver and increases the production of estrogen (a female hormone).. Also, recent studies have shown that male smokers have at least twenty percent lower fertility than those who don’t smoke. So avoid smoking, excessive drinking and eat a high quality balanced diet if you want to boost your T-levels the right way.

2: Reduce the Production of Estrogen

More estrogen in the body means more feminine traits and lower levels of testosterone. So avoid foods like grapefruit, soy products and beer that are either rich in estrogen or promote its production. Also avoid canned foods as most food containers have chemicals like Bisphenol that encourage the secretion of estrogen.

Instead choose grass-fed meats, organic vegetables and quality fats that will promote muscle development and male virility. You also want to avoid chemical heavy cosmetics like sunblock, cologne, deodorant, shampoo and conditioners, which contain estrogenic chemicals. Instead, opt for natural, chemical free alternatives which can be found in most natural markets.

Finally, Don’t Depend on a Single Supplement

Boosting testosterone levels will never work if you depend on one single supplement to do all the heavy lifting Do this and your body will develop tolerance to the T-booster after a few days of consecutive use. To optimize results, always keep a stock of at least seven supplements on hand and cycle them regularly.

mark wilsonAbout the Author:  Mark Wilson is a health and fitness coach and owner of Boost-Your- A site dedicated to teaching men how to increase testosterone levels naturally… With no drugs, artificial hormones or negative side effects.

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