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Eat This Not That: Alternative Snacks and Drinks for the Summer

It’s officially picnic and BBQ season and even though we all end up having a lot of fun the amount of food we consume can be a cause for concern, especially for those who are watching their waistline. Generally this doesn’t stop us from eating what we want, and it shouldn’t; but for anyone who is looking to cut down on the calories, this infographic could become your new summer time food bible!

It lists great alternatives to your BBQ and picnic favorites which are just as delicious but have fewer calories so there is no need to feel bad.

Plan your picnics and BBQ’s with the food that is lighter on the calories and fat. For example, if you have chicken fillet burgers instead of cheeseburgers you will be saving 302 calories!

Snacks have a lot of calories too, if you swap a bag of Doritos for a bag of French fries you’ll be saving 118 calories and 8g of fat! It is also has 10g less carbs, perfect for those who love their savory treats but still want to beat the bulge.

A side dish that is great in the warm weather is a nice potato salad with mayonnaise, but there are 143 calories in a 100g portion! If you swap that for a bakes potato you can save 49 calories, leaving more room for dessert…

Have a look at this infographic for more great suggestions and plan your next picnic or BBQ with the food that has fewer calories to not feel guilty of indulging!

Sourced from: Kitchen Appliance Centre

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