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FitWet: Ever Heard of Biking Underwater to Lose Weight?

It’s no secret that training underwater has become an effective technique in increasing the difficulty of any regular exercise due to the increased resistance brought by water as compared to air.  Many athletes such as the Brownlee Brothers (triathlon athletes Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee) use underwater treadmills to make their muscles stronger.  But can you imagine exercising underwater in a spa-type gym or even at your own home gym?

I recently came across this new fitness concept spreading on the Internet and it’s banking on the idea of underwater exercise made more possible with t1944299bhe use of the FitWet Jet Bike.

“Aquasize” Your Body

According to its website, Fit-wet.com, this device is a revolutionary concept that lets you bike under water in the name of fitness.  Some of its features include adhering foam pedals, a drink holder, chromatherapy, ergonomic handles, triple thick saddle, 12 jets, LED multifunction touch screen, measurements for heart rate and burned calories, and more.  But as I see it, FitWet Jet Bikes are actually bicycles inside a Jacuzzi.

Does It Work?

The FitWet Bike hasn’t been into production yet since it’s still in the concept stage.  However, there is already a live model of this machine as seen on this YouTube video.

Right now, there isn’t any information whether or not this revolutionary fitness machine works because, as I’ve said before, it’s still in the concept stage.  Despite that, it claims a lot of benefits for anyone who uses FitWet on a regular basis including:

  • Reduction of cellulite through the massaging action caused by the water jets.
  • Refined waist.
  • Invigorated buttocks and legs.
  • Activated blood circulation.
  • It can burn 300 to 500 kcal in 25-3-5 minutes.
  • Fight water retention.

Why Don’t I Just Swim?

Well, a lot of people might actually ask whether this exercise machine is really necessary because there are other alternatives to this, including swimming.  Well, the problem with swimming is that it doesn’t allow you to sweat.  However, using the FitWet machine, only your lower body is submerged underwater while your upper body is free to sweat.  Therefore, you get the low impact, high resistance of a swimming exercise while still having the ability to sweat off the pounds.  That’s the best of both worlds.

Interesting Introductory Video

On a lighter side, I’d like to leave you all with this introductory video FitWet’s makers have produced.  You’re bound to learn something more about this concept and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s something to look forward to or to forget altogether.

Remember, any exercise, as long as it’s done in a consistent and regular manner, will have an effect on your fitness or weight loss goal.  It’s not about the newest machines in the market.  Sometimes, it’s all about the determination and the passion to achieve a healthier and better you!

Author Bio: Kurt Lao is the Editor of weight loss product reviews resource: WeightRater.com. He has written several product reviews to his credit and serves as a contributor to some of the top health and weight loss blogs online.

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