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Healthy Weight Loss: Moving from Self-Judgment to Self-Love

Self LoveMovies and fashion magazines have a big influence on society and, sadly, they also propagate an unrealistic standard for beauty. After all, all of the people you see in fashion magazines have been airbrushed almost beyond recognition, and Photoshop enables skilled users to change the appearance of a model’s physical shape so that they look much skinnier than they actually are.

Additionally, movie stars are often forced to practically starve themselves to reach their so-called ideal weight, and this puts a lot of strain on their bodies. In other words, no one who wants to be physically and mentally healthy should ever take their weight loss cues from Hollywood.

The Importance of Self-Love

Unfortunately, there are many people who hate the reflection that they see when they look in the mirror. Whether they think that they are overweight or simply feel like they are not toned enough, this level of self-judgment and loathing can cause an individual to follow a dangerous weight loss path. Therefore, it is essential to learn to love yourself regardless of your physical shape.

Keep in mind that your personality is truly the most important thing about you, and anyone who thinks differently is not worth having in your life. Once you can pass this hurdle, it will be much easier for you to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Can a Life Coach Help me Reach my Goals?

A life coach works with people to help them capitalize on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. These coaches also help people develop templates and schedules that will enable them to meet their personal and professional goals.

Therefore, an individual who is battling with self-esteem issues and the desire to lose weight could definitely gain some much-needed clarity from a life coach. Whether they decide to work with work with a recommended life coach Salt Lake City area expert or one closer to home, they will be given the proper form of motivation to help them move forward.

How can I Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner?

Many people go on fad diets or stop eating when they want to lose weight, but neither of these techniques will give you long-term results. To truly change your life for the better, you need to first accept who you are, and then take personal responsibility for losing weight. It is important to determine how many grams of fat and calories you consume on a daily basis and compare them to the recommended standard.

You can start losing weight naturally by gradually reducing your fat intake and eating healthier foods. Keep in mind that you do not need to deny yourself the right to eat food that you love, but you do need to use moderation and look for low-fat alternatives. For example, baked potato chips have up to 80 percent less fat than the standard variety.

You can start shedding weight today by incorporating a healthier mental attitude in your life, along with a permanent adjustment to your diet and an easy to stick to exercise plan such as taking a daily walk. By making these simple changes, you will feel better both physically and mentally, and it will become easier to appreciate the image that you see in the mirror.

About the Author: As a new mother, Shelby Warden tried every new diet fad and struggled for years before learning to accept and love herself. She offers these tips and advice after finding success with the help of her mentor. For those who would like the help of a mentor, Noomi offers a free online matching service to help find the perfect coach whether you want a life coach Salt Lake City area mentor or want to find one that is close to your home.

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