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Holistic Dentist: Enhanced Mouth Hygiene

holistic dentistWhat is a Holistic Dentist?

A holistic dentist is concerned with your entire physiological and anatomical health picture. In that respect, holistic dentistry approaches dental care by considering the patient’s dental health in relation to their overall physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Principles of holistic dentistry include:

  • Healthy nutrition to prevent and/or reverse degenerative dental disease
  • Avoiding and eliminating toxins from dental materials (i.e. no mercury fillings in your mouth)
  • Preventing and treating bite issues also known as dental malocclusion
  • Preventing and treating gum disease from its very source

Bottom line, a holistic dentist is a dentist who performs dentistry that is healthy for the teeth and gums, but also for the body. Certain dentists tend to call themselves holistic, but if you watch closely, the only thing holistic about them is the fact that they do not use mercury fillings. Note that this alone, is not enough to qualify them as holistic dentists.

What the Holistic Dentist Wants you to Know

The holistic dentist wants to bring awareness to the fact that everything we eat goes through our mouth and therefore, we cannot separate our mouth from the rest of our body. To emphasize that point, studies have revealed that the same anaerobic bacteria found in decay-related diseases such as periodontal disease, are found in the pancreas and the heart. One may claim they are not related, but it is absolutely logical that a bacteria found in the mouth could quickly travel to the heart or the pancreas.

Holistic Dentist and Mercury

Your traditional dentist would justify the use of mercury (as a filling) based on the fact that your insurance would cover the procedure, and that the FDA confirms the safety of the presence of mercury in the fillings, and that it leaks only in minimal amount.

The holistic dentist on the other hand fully understands the dangers that mercury presents to your overall health (even in small quantities); and therefore its presence in your body is too great of a risk for your health.

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

When you inject ozone into an area full of anaerobic, pathological bacteria, these bacteria die. So a holistic dentist is familiar with bringing concentrated oxygen (ozone) into mouth therapy as a powerful weapon against dental conditions such as periodontal disease.

Also, contrary to traditional medicine such as antibiotics and disinfectants, ozone therapy is relatively more budget friendly. For instance you can become your own dentist daily by purchasing the ozone therapy kit and infuse your gums with oxygen every day. Whether you do this at home or at your local holistic dentist office, the treatment is painless and has very minimal side effects. However, as you opt for this method of dentistry, do keep in mind that further research needs to be done on the topic of ozone therapy as a form of dental disease treatment.

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