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Painkillers Becoming a Leading Cause of Death

Anti-drug advertising campaigns have emphasized “just say no!” for decades. However, since 1990, the number of deaths resulting from drug overdoses has more than tripled. Access to powerful medications is controlled because of the risk of addiction and misuse that can result in medical problems. Illegal drugs continue to flow over the U.S. borders in large quantities. Over-the-counter medications are readily available at affordable prices. All of these substances are available in almost every home medicine cabienent in the country.
Misuse of any and all types of medications has caused significant concerns for medical professionals. More people are arriving in the emergency rooms in a battle for life. Medicines are designed to address specific issues and the body is expected to respond to the prescribed dosage. Overuse of any medication causes the body to react in unpredictable ways. Additional education programs are necesssary to impart some wisdom on this subject.

It seems like each generation develops a new methods for misusing the previous generation’s drugs. Education is essential so that young people do not get involved in drugs or develop physical dependence to drugs. Too many emergency situations end tragically because so many are not properly educated and therefore do no comprehend the dangers of drug abuse. More medications than ever are available from many sources, including friends. Every individual must have a healthy understanding of the risk of dependence whenever medications are consumed.

SOURCE: Infographic presented by Origins Recovery Centers. To get more information on the dangers of drug abuse, visit


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