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20-Minute Bikini Body Workout: The Ultimate Summer Body Shaper

taylor lautner workoutThe summer is here and you are wondering where in the world the first half of the year went! But most importantly, you are now wondering why you did not execute on your new year’s goal of losing that stubborn belly fat. The sun is out and your friends are making beach and swimming pool party plans nearly every weekend. The only problem is you are self-conscious, so you’ve been dodging their invites thus far.

But deep down inside, you wish you had Taylor Lautner Abs, or if you are a woman, you wish you had Pilar Sanders’ body! Well, the answer is, it’s never too late to have the body of your dreams. It might take months and a lot of dedication, BUT it is all possible. You just need to follow the right workout program and set your mind to it. So without further ado, let’s reveal the 20-minute bikini body workout that will shape you up into that physique you’ve been dreaming of.

This 20-minute bikini body workout is to be completed in 30 second increments for each routine, followed by 10 second breaks between sets. Here are the exercises you need to execute.

Spiderman Pushups

The spiderman pushups is a variation to the regular pushups and is aimed at targeting your obliques as well as your chest and triceps. Get down on all four and as you execute the regular pushup move, bring your knee to your elbow and alternate for 30 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds and move to the next routine

Bench Jumps

This exercise is a cardio and strength training routine targeting both your lower body and abs. Find a bench with a hard surface and complete your jumps, ensuring that you land softly. Make sure that your abs are flexed throughout the entire routine

Ski Abs

After the 10 second rest, post your bench jump exercise, begin the ski abs routine. This exercise targets your mid-section, quads, triceps, chest and shoulders. It’s an excellent full body bikini workout


Squats are great routines that help increase your testosterone level. As you complete the squat routine, ensure that your knees to not go past your big toe, and that your buttocks is all the way behind you. Feel free to extend your arms to allow for greater balance

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a combination of cardio and ab workout. Get down on all four and drive your knees to your chest while keeping your back flat. Alternate knees rapidly and do this for 30 seconds


The final workout of the session is the burpee routine. Most people dislike the burpees due to its intensity but if you stick through it, you will reap the benefits of this full body bikini exercise, as it targets several muscle groups simultaneously.

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