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Can E-Cigarettes Help People Quick Smoking Regular Cigarettes?

E-cigaretteIf you smoke regular cigarette, you are certainly aware of the health risks you are creating. However, for some reason, you can’t seem to quit, almost as if you were under a magic spell. Perhaps it’s the “swag” that comes with smoking that you like; perhaps it’s the actual act of puffing. Regardless of your reason for being hooked on regular cigarette, you are doing massive harm to your health. So it’s in your best interest to quit or use an e-cigarette.

Is there any alternative to regular cigarettes?

According to Italian researchers, using electronic cigarettes (e-cig, or e-cigarette) helped Italian research participants decrease their consumption of regular cigarette, and in some cases, can help them quit smoking altogether. More specifically, among those participants with no prior desire of quitting, 13% stopped smoking tobacco a year later. In addition, more than 50% of research participants reduced their tobacco consumption shortly after they were put on e-cigarettes.

The lead doctor on the research stated that the main takeaway from the clinical trial was that the e-cigarette product represents a formidable tobacco control tool. He also mentioned that though there has been several anecdotal evidence of e-cigs as a tobacco reduction tool, this research truly marked the first clinical trial ever reported.

More on electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes first came up on the scene in China in 2004. They are powered by a battery, and let users inhale nicotine-infused vapors. However, these vapors are free of carbon monoxide, which is an extremely harmful tar, present in tobacco. As a result, e-cigarettes are fast becoming a common method of quitting the tobacco smoking habit.

E-cigarettes of different categories have emerged in the past few years. However, several of those categories have disappeared, as suddenly as they appeared. The remaining ones on the market are deemed to work. Over the last year, more than 500,000 people have started using electronic cigarettes as alternative to tobacco smoking.

In hospitals and other health related places of work, employees who smoke regular cigarettes are being given electronic cigarettes so that they wouldn’t have to get off the grounds in order to smoke. This practice has been helping some of these employees curb their tobacco smoking habit.

Why e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are deemed effective because of their ability to give the human body, the dosage of nicotine that it is craving. Those addicted to smoking tobacco would understand this more than anyone else.

When a smoker puffs on an e-cigarette, there is an atomizer inside the cigarette that releases a specific dosage of nicotine into the smoker’s body. Similar to regular cigarette, the nicotine is form of vapors and the smoker feels its effects almost instantaneously. The main technical difference is that in this case, the smoker would not experience a throat hit like in the case of regular cigarette. Another major difference is electronic cigarette doesn’t build tar into the smoker’s lungs; real cigarette does. Tar clogs airways inside the smokers lungs, leading to all sorts of health complications

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