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Does Cigarette Smoking Cause Baldness?

cigarette causes baldnessNearly all smokers brush off the health dangers of cigarette, regardless of whether the advice to quit comes from a total stranger, or a close family friend.

Well, the truth is that aside from smoking away their proper lung function, smokers are also causing some damage to their hair follicles. The reason for is very simple: smoking prevents an adequate circulation of the blood, and carbon monoxide and nicotine contained in cigarettes are the primary culprits.

How does cigarette smoking cause baldness?

First, it’s important to note that men are more inclined than women, to experience baldness, and here’s why. Hair loss is caused by the presence of a hormone called androgen. Androgen is predominantly a male hormone; however certain women have it too. The only thing is, women also have estrogen, which helps protect them against some of the negative effects of the androgen hormone. That said, some women also experience hair loss, only at a lower rate than men.

So back to the topic dujour: how does cigarette cause baldness? The carbon monoxide in the smoke lowers the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. This contributes to a slew of health effects, including the inability of your hair to grow back. So if you smoke, and have undergone a hair transplant procedure, you may have a hard time growing your hair back. In addition smoking can increase your chance of a post-surgery wound infection.

In essence, smoking prevents your organism from removing free radicals and other toxins. Free radicals are responsible for a plethora of diseases. As free radicals build up in your body (as a result of smoking), so do the diseases and other health conditions such as baldness.

Now that you know cigarette causes baldness, what to do?

Besides quitting smoking (which you should seriously consider), there are other measures you can take IF (and only if) your concern is restricted to baldness.

To prevent your hair from falling at an accelerated pace, don’t use a brush on a wet hair. Wait till it dries out or use a wide-toothed comb. Also, over exposure to the sun can aggravate the issue so protect your hair from the sun as much as possible. Wearing a hat can be an option. As a rule of thumb, stay away from straightening your hair, curling it or rebonding it as chemicals used for these procedures contain chemicals that can damage your hair. And get in the habit of gently massaging your scalp at least twice a week to increase blood circulation.

The bottom line is, smoking cigarette is bad for you. But smoking can be addictive, and so if you are having a hard time quitting altogether, you should consider other healthier options such as electronic cigarette or e hookah. Find out more here:

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