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Does Cigarette Smoking Cause Impotence?

Does cigarette smoking cause impotenceCigarette smoking can cause impotence; that was the findings of a recent survey conducted in France, with patients who were dealing with impotence. However impotence caused by smoking is not just limited to French people.

In case you were wondering what impotence is, it is the inability of a man to achieve (or maintain) an erection of his penis, which then prevents him from engaging in a sexual act with this partner. Impotence can occur as a result of advanced age, but it is also caused by several other factors, including lack of physical activities, prescription and non-prescription medication, lifestyle habits such as smoking, etc.

How Does Cigarette Smoking Cause Impotence?

Smoking tobacco causes coronary artery disease, which leads to the narrowing of the arterial blood vessels due to plaque buildup in your arteries. This in turn causes a reduction of the blood flow to the penis. In order to achieve and maintain an erection, you need a significant supply of blood through the penile cavities. And so, smoking constricts the blood flow to the penis, thereby preventing you from achieving or maintaining a solid erection.

According to a study, men who smoke a pack of cigarette daily are about 40% more likely to experience impotence than men who do not smoke. The same study (which was conducted on 8,000 Australian men of age between 16 and 59) revealed that those who smoked less than a pack of cigarette daily, increased their impotence risk by about 24%. And as the cigarette consumption went up, so did their erectile dysfunction risk.

So What to Do?

Well, as mentioned, smoking isn’t the only cause of impotence in men, however if you smoke tobacco, you can be sure that it is negatively affecting your sexual aptitude. So next time you wonder what’s wrong in the bedroom, remember this fact and take better care of yourself. Exercise 4 to 6 times a week and eat healthy to lower your risk of obesity (another cause of impotence). As far as smoking is concerned, if you are unable to quit outright, then find other alternatives such as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.

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