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Exercises That You Can Do After A Major Accident

Recovery after a major accident can be prolonged. Bone, muscle and joint tissues repair slowly from injuries, and when you go for extended periods of times without using your muscles, you can lose strength and tone. In addition to ensuring your legal needs are covered by an injury attorney, it is important to resume an active lifestyle gradually if you have had a long period of convalescence. This gives your body a chance to readjust to regular activity and gradually strengthens your joints and muscles. Overexerting yourself can quickly cause any recently-healed tissues to become injured again.


The types of exercise that are most important after recovering from a major accident are exercises that strengthen your core muscles. The core musculature is the root of functional movements, all the motions that are important to our everyday lives. An underdeveloped core results from inactivity, and even after only a few weeks or months of inactivity during convalescence can result in atrophy of these muscles. The core musculature is important to balance, and having a strong core will make other exercises much easier and more productive.


#1. Walking

Walking is the simplest exercise one can do that also has immense benefits. It is low-intensity and does not require anymore than a pair of shoes. Almost everyone can walk, and you can start off at whatever speed you feel most comfortable with. Doctors recommend thirty minutes of walking each day. However, this does not have to be all at once. Taking three ten minute walks is acceptable, and if you still have some pain after recovery it is best to start off in these increments.


#2. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most valuable routines for people coming out of prolonged injury recovery. Yoga can be adapted to fit anyone’s level of fitness and emphasizes slow, gradual movements that practitioners to hold certain positions and release them. The result is a low-intensity routine that still works to tone targeted muscle groups.


Yoga instructors emphasize that their students should not feel pain when assuming positions. This is in contrast to more intense strength-training exercises, where pain is an expected part of a routine and leads to many injuries when people are encouraged to “tough it out.” People who feel pain during a yoga session are encouraged to assume a position only as far as they feel comfortable. This causes the student to gradually become more flexible over time, and he or she will eventually be able to assume ever more advanced positions. This results in a gradual increase in flexibility that strengthens connective tissues and the muscles.


#3. Strength training

Strength training with weights and resistance machines is another way to exercise your core and other muscles. Many physical therapists incorporate resistance training into routines to build strength. Adding more weight or resistance to these machines as you progress will continue working your muscles, but depending on your injury you may need to stop adding weight after a certain point, especially if your injury involved the joints.


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