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Family Fitness: 5 Exercise Routines That Keep The Family Healthy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight and about 18 percent of children are obese today. With these high numbers, it’s becoming more important to keep your family healthy.

Check out these fun activities that can get the entire family moving and in shape.


Whether you simply turn up the radio or you challenge each other to a competition on “Just Dance” on the Wii, dancing is a super fun activity that can burn between 350 and 650 calories per hour. You could even turn on a zumba video and have the family follow along. No matter what kind of dancing you’re doing, it’s a fun activity that can get the entire family moving and having fun with each other.

Swimming at the Beach

swimming at the beachWhen you get the family at the beach, running around and swimming doesn’t even feel like exercise since you’re having fun. With exciting activities, you won’t hear anyone complaining about how boring exercise is. At 150 lbs, you could burn more than 400 calories per hour just swimming, but you can also play beach volleyball or take a walk or run along the sand to get your exercise in.

The beach gives the entire family the opportunity to choose their favorite activities and have a great time while moving around.


There are many factors that hold families back from exercising, whether they lack the time, resources, or simply have a hard time moving due to obesity or asthma. One study that unveiled a discovered link between asthma and obesity found that the hormone leptin can cause obesity as well as shrink airways. If you or your family find it hard to move around because of one of these issues, you may consider starting off your exercise sessions with a light activity such as golfing.

Not only is golfing a fun sport that you can challenge each other to, but you can go through the course at a leisurely pace so that you burn calories by walking instead of doing intense exercises. If you’re on a tight budget, consider heading to a nearby disc golf course and play frisbee golf since many parks offer free courses to the community.

Playing Trampoline Games

playing trampolineWhen you jump on the trampoline, you’ll not only be burning more than 200 calories per hour, but you’ll be building muscle and having fun. One of the best advantages of trampoline games is that they give the family time to connect, helping you build strong relationships and strong bodies. If you’ve never played trampoline games before, check out these ideas:

  • Dead Man: Have one person lie in the middle of the trampoline while the others bounce around them chanting, “Dead Man, Dead Man, come alive after I count to the number five…1…2…3…4…5…Come alive!” When you shout, “Come alive” the Dead Man rolls around the trampoline trying to touch the others as they bounce. When he or she tags someone, that person becomes the Dead Man.
  • Poison Ball: Put several balls on the trampoline (soft like tennis balls) while everyone jumps around. If someone touches a ball, they’re out. The last person to remain jumping without touching a ball wins.
  • Popcorn: Have one person sit in the center with their knees to their chest and their arms wrapped around their legs. Have everyone else jump around them. When they let go of their position, or pop, it’s someone else’s turn to be the popcorn kernel.

Scheduling a Sports Night

Choose one night out of the week to split the family into teams and take each other on in a sport of your choosing. You can head to a local community gym, such as the YMCA, and play basketball, tennis, racquet ball, volleyball, and a range of other sports to get the family moving. You could even check out your local park and play tennis, baseball, kickball, or football.

The competition aspect helps everyone get more engaged in the game while helping build strong teamwork skills and family relationships. Try switching up the teams every now and then to make things interesting while building relationships between all family members.

Chose a few of these activities to engage in several times per week. If the entire family’s schedules don’t like up, try to get as many family members out moving as you can, and don’t put of these exercise routines that everyone can have a blast doing. For a better idea on how many calories you’ll burn doing various activities, check out this calculator.

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