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How to Get a Six-Pack Infographic

The holy grail of training for many people is the elusive six-pack. Regarded by thousands as the near-impossible reward for countless hours on the gym floor, it remains one of the most frequently-cited goals for newbies and seasoned athletes alike.

The reverence surrounding chiseled abs makes it doubly frustrating when results don’t happen as the subject would like. Thousands of crunches and weeks of starvation to try to cut body fat fail to produce the washboard look that many people dream of because of poor advice and myths propagated by so-called experts.

The truth is that some people just don’t have the genes (or the abs) to ever get the six-pack of their dreams, but there are proven training techniques and often-surprising diet tips that will give you the best chance of not only strengthening the core but also producing the kind of abdominal definition that you’ve been chasing all this time.

This infographic from explains the real way to get a six-pack – no gimmicky diets, no wacky training regimes; just solid science and cold, hard facts.

How to get six packs

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