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Focus T25: The 25-Minute Beachbody Workout

Focus T25 beachbodyWhat’s Focus T25?

The new Focus T25 home workout program promises to transform your body in only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That sounds like something almost anybody can do, right? Devote less than half an hour for five days a week in order to make your body look more like you always have wanted it to look? Well, this bold claim is backed up by no other than Shaun T, the creator of the world famous Insanity workout program. And along with him, Beachbody, the also world famous and multinational company that has rocked the fitness world also promises to change your body with this very limited time input. Now, make no mistake here, you may need to invest a small amount of time on T25, but you will also need to invest an enormous amount of energy and effort if you want to see results.

T25; The 25-minute Workout…or Not

But do the workouts really only last for 25 minutes and do you really need to workout for only 5 days? The answer is technically yes, but practically no. Here’s why: Although this super intense workout only lasts 25 minutes, when the times goes up and you hit the 25 minute mark, the videos continue into a small cooling down and stretching section. The duration of this section varies, but it can go from two and a half to three and half minutes. Not a big deal of time, but a whole lot of benefits. As for only working out for 5 days a week, this is also technically true, but not practically so. The reason is that the program’s schedule calls for workouts from Monday to Friday, then you get to rest on Saturday, and then it calls for stretching on Sundays. So you do pure workouts from Monday to Friday, but you don’t really get Sunday off. Now, the stretching video is only 25 minutes long too, so that’s not really asking a lot of your time on Sunday.

So, is it a big deal? Not really. 3 or 4 minutes to stretch are practically nothing. And as for stretching on Sundays, it shouldn’t be a big issue. Most people have 25 minutes to spare on Sundays, and most will be glad to spend them if this mean they will get their muscles ready for the intensity that will come during the weekdays.

How does Focus T25 compare to other Programs?

If we compare Focus T25 to most home workout programs out there, you’ll notice that either those program make you work out for about an hour a day, 6 days a week to produce results, or they take about half an hour (and don’t touch your weekends) but don’t really deliver the same results as Focus T25. The truth is, Focus T25 is set to sell many, many programs because of the great results it gives to people that use it when they have to invest such little time. After all, 3 minutes of stretching once a week is nothing compared to driving to the gym every time you want to work out.

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