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How Effective is the Health Science Behind Meal Replacement Shakes?

protein shakeMeal replacement protein shakes have been popular for decades. From smoothies to prepackaged drinks, these healthy shakes are designed to provide the type of nutrition that bodies need in order to be healthy. The reason that they work so well in managing weight and health is that they are made in a balanced way without the added fat and other non-nutritious elements present in common foods.

Types of Shakes

There are numerous types of protein shakes available on the market. Some are made to help with weight loss, while others can aid in muscle building. They also come in a variety of flavors in liquid and powder forms. Also, their composition can vary in kinds of protein, such as soy, whey, egg, and green vegetarian-based formulations.


Trading some of the foods eaten on a regular basis with a protein shake makes it easier to adopt a healthier diet. For instance, unlike pizza and cheeseburgers, shakes are lower in overall calories, simple sugars, and unhealthy carbohydrates. Instead, they are made of protein and fiber, which satisfies hunger and provides necessary nutrients that other foods do not. One of the other reasons that protein shake formulations are beneficial for health is that they are easy to digest, unlike so many other foods.


According to scientific studies of different types of shakes as meal replacements, overall weight loss is greater for almost every comparison group that followed recommended regimens along with low calorie diets. For those seeking muscle gain, the same number of people desiring to add weight were able to do so on meal replacement protein shakes. The main difference in weight gain protein shakes is that they are higher in calories. Time and again, protein shakes have been proven to be beneficial for both weight loss and gain.

Weight Loss

Replacing at least one or two meals each day with foods that have lower calories generally reduces the number of calories consumed. Instead of eating meals of around 800 calories or more, you can reduce your intake by a margin of 550 by consuming a 250 calorie shake. Doing this daily can help one lose a pound per week on average.

Muscle Gain

For those looking to gain muscle with protein meal replacement shakes, it is easy to do so along with a weight lifting regimen. However, while these shakes can assist in reaching muscle gain goals, it is up to each person to make the right lifestyle and habit changes in order to ensure long term success.

Cost and Convenience

Meal replacement protein shakes can be very easy to obtain. Nearly every grocery store, pharmacy, and general chain market carries some form of protein shake. The ready to drink liquids are more convenient but powders, however, can be less expensive. Overall, these shakes typically cost from $2-3 and even up to $5 on the higher end per serving.

Any of these shakes are only convenient if they are kept readily available. Therefore, when on this regimen, users should ensure that they keep their supply maintained. While some towns have smoothies available, they are usually very high in calories. Therefore, the average person seeking to lose weight should not use fatty shakes as a valid form of meal replacement.

Protein shakes are satisfying and convenient, and they generally work well when a healthy eating and exercise routine is adhered to. Adding these as supplements or full on replacements for meals can be an effective way to get in the kind of shape that you’ve always wanted to be in, and it can also improve your state of mind in the process.

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Saam Banai is a freelance writer and editor with research results for fitness regimens. Fitness products at Prograde Nutrition, such as shakes as meal replacements, are recommended for a healthy and “feel good” life style. In order to get the body and state of mind that you’ve always wanted by cutting calories and useless sugars, try substituting your bulky meals for a lean shake.

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