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How to Develop Stronger Ankles

Ankle exercisesThe ankle is a crucial part of the human body that keeps the balance of our legs. Building strength in the ankles contributes to better stability and easier movements at the joints. Effectively, ligaments and bones are connected at the ankles, which helps in overall mobility. Moreover the ankle should be strong enough to do various activities easily in day to day life. Since we put so much pressure on our ankles daily, it’s important to strengthen that part of the body. You can strengthen your ankles thru various means such as balance training, proprioception exercises, and strengthening workouts.

Reasons for ankle workouts

People who practice sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc may encounter ankle fracture. This is because as athlete performs movements (mostly jumping and running), the ankles are put under a considerable amount of stress, which can cause ankle pain, ultimately leading to fracture. To avoid this unfortunately sports injury, they should look into ways to keep the ankle healthy and damage free. Basically, when the musculature surrounding the ankle is strong, the athlete can withstand a great deal of pressure, and perform at top capacity at all times without sustaining ankle injuries.

Balance training as a way to strengthen you ankles

They can develop stronger ankles several ways; one of which is by performing balance training. An example of a balance training involves standing on one leg, and throwing and catching a ball with a partner. This requires you to hop on one leg, enabling you to strengthen your ankles. Another balance training routine involves standing on one leg and holding it for 30 seconds to one minute. As mentioned above, there are a variety of balance training exercises you can do (see below video). You can consult your physiotherapist or personal trainer for these workouts, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Proprioception can help decrease ankle injuries

Proprioception is the ability of your body to realize its place in space. A simple example is when you are walking up a flight of steps, you are making use of proprioception because your feet know exactly where they’re going to land. The moment you get a bit distracted, you can miss a step and seriously injure your ankle, as your body loses its place in space. As a result, proprioceptive training is necessary, in addition to balance training, in order to avoid ankle injuries

Ankle strengthening exercises

If you want to have a strong ankle. , you need to do strengthening exercises, in addition to balance training and proprioception. Ankle strengthening exercises are essential not only for the sportsperson but also for all of us. This can help you keep your whole body fit by maintain proper balancing while walking. Below are some ankle strengthening workouts you can perform with thera-bands.

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