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Planning your Workout Routine before the Baby Arrives

pregnancy and exerciseBefore the baby arrives, you would want to plan your workout routine so that you can prepare your body for an easy and relatively pain-free childbirth. You don’t want to overdo it though. Here are some exercises you can do in preparation for the arrival of the newborn.


Swimming is great for you and the baby.  In fact, there are some swimming moves that can help you with little side effects such as back pain and insomnia. Swimming is gentle on your joints and helps reduce swollen ankles. After the swimming session, your body will feel as light as a ball, even with the baby bump.


Yoga is a great strengthen core muscles, relieves back pain and helps to relax.  There have been studies done that show that yoga makes labor shorter and more comfortable.  A prenatal class that involves yoga is a good prep for labor.  You want to stay away from the hot yoga, however.

Indoor Cycling

Bicycling on a stationary bike is the ideal way to take a load off your legs.  The art of spinning is perfect for increasing your heart rate, and will not put any stress on your joints.  Once your stomach starts to grow, the handle bars on the bike can be adjusted so that you can obtain greater comfort.

Brisk Walking

One of the best exercise tips before the baby arrives is to walk briskly.  This will not only improve your mood but will assist in toning your muscles as well.  You can walk right up until your delivery.  If you are just starting to walk, start off by walking three days a week for about a mile.

Move Slowly

As your body changes, you are more at risk to injure your joints so you want to stay away from exercises that require high impact movements, jerking or bouncing.  Also do not try and stand up suddenly as you can get dizzy.

Avoid Risky Sports

While it is true that exercising is great during pregnancy, you don’t want to engage in activities that put you at risk.  This includes contact sports such as hockey, soccer and basketball.  Other activities you should also skip include horseback riding, skiing and roller skating.

Prepare for Labor

Women who exercise regularly throughout their pregnancy are usually better prepared for labor and delivery.  Also studies have shown that if you exercise throughout your pregnancy, you may be at less risk for preterm delivery and you may recover from childbirth quicker.  You may also have a shorter labor and may not need much pain relief.

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