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Some of the Health Benefits of Exercise

health benefits of exerciseUsually physical exercise is associated with losing weight and perfecting your body figure, but have you ever thought about the actual health benefits of exercise? The list is quite long and every single point on it is really important. Exercising has effect on all the different parts of your body and we will discuss some of the major benefits here.

Basic Overview

Just to get the idea of how physical activity affects your health, you should know that it reduces the risk factor of lots of diseases, disorder or problems like premature death, various heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, body fat, diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer… And along with all these it help you to build and maintain healthy joints, bones and muscles and improves psychological well-being in general. So, it is no myth that having physical activity as your habit is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your health.

Weight Does Matter

We are mostly talking about the health benefits of exercise in this article, but who said that weight does not play a role in one’s health? The reality is that it does and the role is rather crucial. Staying at a healthy weight is one of the biggest steps towards general well-being of a person. The right amount of exercise varies greatly according to the individual body type and lifestyle of a specific person. You should consult a professional and together you will set up a balanced program that will help you get to your best weight and maintain it.

Take Care of your Heart

The number of deaths caused by strokes and heart diseases are forever on the up. Correct exercise can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and not only that, it also improves cholesterol level and reduces problems associated with high blood pressure. 150 minutes of workout per week can have a dramatic effect on your life! It is worth every single drop of sweat.

Work out VS. Cancer

Colon and breast cancer are two types of cancer that are greatly influenced by physical exercise; the risk is reduced. Every research that has been done on this topic has showed that every woman who woks out on a regular bases has a much lower chance of getting breast cancer than those who are inactive. The chances of lung and endometrial cancer are also less in people who work out. As for those who have survived cancer, exercise is just as beneficial as it increases the overall quality of life.

Reduce your discomfort from incontinence

Some specific exercises, for example Kegel exercise can prevent incontinence and even treat it. These work outs can strengthen pelvic muscles and ligaments and stop involuntary release of urine caused by different reasons. This physical activity usually involves squeezing the muscles that are used in the process of urination. Kegel exercises are really popular all around the world and there is a reason behind it as well. They are truly helpful for those with this kind of disorder.

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