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Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Take Control of Stress and Anxiety

neuro linguistic programmingWe all react differently to certain stimuli, whatever form they come in, whether it’s what we see, hear, taste or smell. We all have our own set of thought processes and we connect them differently to our emotions. This is what leads us to our decisions and actions. Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a way of understanding how our minds process information of all kinds and making changes which help us to harness our thoughts and actions in order to produce consistently better outcomes in everything we do.

Identifying Stress Triggers with NLP

The way that we experience the world and what makes us tick is at the core of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It has been used for decades with great success to help people achieve success in their personal and professional lives but it can also be a powerful tool in helping combat stress and anxiety. In today’s fast-paced world it’s almost inevitable that we all experience the effects of stress from time to time. Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you to identify your stress triggers and understand why they make you react as you do, which is the crucial first step towards changing how they affect you forever. Wouldn’t you like to be one of those people who seem to be unruffled by anything? By applying NLP techniques you could dramatically alter your response to stress, and learn how to deal with matters calmly and effectively so that you feel more positive in your own abilities and more able to cope when faced with pressure situations.

Facing your Fears

Some individuals are also prone to anxiety; others can develop it when their stress is allowed to run out of control. No matter what causes someone to become anxious, it is a condition which can be highly debilitating, often holding people back from achieving their full potential and maximizing their enjoyment of life. At the root of all anxiety there usually lies a fear of some kind – fear of death, fear of flying, fear of public speaking or just fear of appearing foolish are all common sources of anxiety. Though these fears are frequently irrational, they can nonetheless be crippling for the sufferer. Neuro Linguistic Programming helps overcome anxieties by literally tapping into the psyche to embed new behaviors in response to our anxiety triggers which helps us deal with our fears in a rational and objective manner. Since both conditions frequently manifest themselves in physical as well as psychological symptoms, Neuro Linguistic Programming works best for stress and anxiety when combined with physical relaxation techniques such as Reiki.

Of course there isn’t a single cure-all technique for everybody’s stresses and anxieties. They can be caused by such a wide range of things, from self-esteem issues, childhood trauma, bereavement and many others, that each may call for a slightly different approach.

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