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Variety: The Pathway to Fitness Success

exercise varietyIt’s easy to do the same workout day after day, but spicing up your exercise with a little variety has its benefits.  There are two main reasons to add variety to your workout:

  1. Prevents boredom and improves your dedication
  2. Delays plateaus and increases your abilities

Adding variety to your workouts makes them more enjoyable and has been proven to help you stick with your exercise program longer.  Plus, when you switch up your workouts every once in a while, you challenge different muscles, or even the same muscles but in different planes, which improves your overall strength and abilities and prevents you from hitting that plateau.  So let’s discuss how to add variety to your workouts.

What Does Variety Entail?

Does adding variety mean that you have 50 different exercises for every workout?  Or does it mean that you just need to change the order of your exercises?  Varying your workouts can mean a whole slew of things from shortening recovery time between sets, to changing up different exercises, or even trying a whole new activity like kickboxing.  Is one way better than another?  Not really – you should change it up any and every way that you can. However, when it comes to changing the variables of your workout such as the number of repetitions, resistance, recovery time, etc., increasing the resistance will provide you with the most improvement in strength gains.

Need Some Help Spicing Up Your Workout?

Here are some ideas for how to incorporate variety into your workouts:

  1. Cross-train for Cardio:  Try out some kickboxing, yoga, or kayaking for your workout for the day.  Not your style?  You could also hit the pool for some laps or take a bike ride.  Varying your activities will give different muscles a workout so you can improve your overall fitness level as well as allow overused ones to rest.  It will also prevent overuse injuries from doing the same activity day after day.
  2. Boot Camp:  This type of workout is based like circuit training at high-intensity.  Every class has a variety of exercises interspersed with different rest periods; no class is the same.  This type of training also trains your aerobic and anaerobic systems giving you a great overall workout in a short amount of time.
  3. Change it up:  When it comes to strength training, change the order your exercises are performed in as well as the exercises themselves.  Keep a running list of your favorite exercises for each muscle group and randomly choose new ones for the day so that you’re always keeping your workouts interesting.  Maybe one day use free weights and the next use a home gym system like the bio force pro.

Kick up your workout a notch with whatever form of variety works for you.  Just remember, that the goal is to prevent yourself from becoming stagnant physically and psychologically.

About the Author: Randi Upshaw is a Certified Athletic Trainer and health and fitness enthusiast.  Currently she writes for

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