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4 Beauty Essentials You Shouldn’t Overlook

Fashion tipsSummer is beach and pool season: time for short shorts and skimpy bikinis. But first, you must take care to remove any unsightly body hair that might have crept up during the winter months. Read on for four easy ways to remove hair before slipping into those slinky summer dresses!


This tried and true method must be done daily or every other day, depending on how fast or visible your hair growth is, and is safe for all body parts. Make sure to moisturize first with shaving cream, lathery soap, baby oil or even hair conditioner to guarantee a smooth finish and apply moisturizer afterwards to ward off razor burn or unsightly red bumps.


This is not for the faint of heart, but it provides the longest lasting results and is good for large parts of the body, including legs, back, bikini line and midriff areas. Hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long, but no longer than that. This is a very versatile option when it comes to pricing as well; you can do it yourself at home with a wax block and melting equipment or go to the salon and have professional do it for you. If you are really in a rush, you can even purchase ready-made wax strips at any drug store. Depending on your budget and how frequently you want to touch up, choose the best option for you.

Hair Remover Cream

There are several brands of hair elimination cream that you can purchase in any drug store. Pricing varies greatly, and you can choose a brand that fits your budget and offers any add-ins you would like, such as cocoa butter, aloe vera or types for sensitive skin. Before using on a large area of the body, test it in a small less visible area first to make sure you do not develop any allergic reaction, as these formulas do contain harsh chemicals. This can be used on large body parts as well as small areas like upper lip and eyebrows. Hair removal cream should not be used on the sensitive genital areas.


This is the most expensive but also most permanent option. If you want to permanently remove body hair, research local electrolysis centers in your area or ask friends and family for recommendations. This will typically involve several sessions; the professionals at the center will give you the exact details and pricing if you choose this option.

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