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4 Steps to Preventing Tooth Decay

preventing tooth decayTooth decay denotes the destruction of your tooth structure, affecting both your enamel and the part of the tooth. Believe it or not, tooth decay usually occurs when you eat food that contain carbohydrates (meaning sugar and starch). These foods, which include milk, soda, cereal, bread, or candy, cause the decay when they are left in between your teeth. Effectively, here is what happens: bacteria that reside in your mouth digest these carbohydrate-packed foods, turning them into acids for digestion purposes. The bacteria combines with the food debris and resulting acid, to form what is known as plaque. The dental plaque fixes onto the teeth, and since plaque contains acid, the acid progressively dissolves the enamel. This process leads to holes in your teeth, called cavities. So how to prevent all this havoc from happening in the first place?

Step 1 to preventing tooth decay

You may already know this but we can stress it enough, but brush your teeth at least twice daily with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. To be more efficient, brush systematically after each meal you have and especially right before going to bed.

Step 2 to preventing tooth decay

If you don’t know what a dental floss is, go get one after reading this article. It will literally help save your teeth! use the dental floss to clean between your teeth, and get food remains out of their hiding places.

Step 3 to avoiding tooth decay

A good part of the fight against tooth decay lies in the types of food you consume. Ensure you eat well balanced meals, and stay away from carb-laden foods such as pretzels, chips and candy. They have the propensity to cling onto teeth. If you end up eating sticky food, make sure to brush immediately afterwards

Step 4 to avoiding tooth decay

Hopefully you have a dentist that you visit periodically; if not, get one. Whether you get a reliable dentist in Montreal, Canada, or in Brooklyn, New York, make sure that they know your history. In other words, don’t keep switching dentists every 6 months. Also ask your dentist about supplemental fluoride that strengthens teeth.

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