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4 Ways to Keep Focused During a Workout at Home

Home workoutIf you’ve worked out both at home and in the gym before, you know that sometimes when you choose to work out at home, it can be hard to focus. This is especially the case when you have roommates, pets, or kids. I can remember times when I literally had to kick my dog out of the way while I was working out because I just couldn’t get him out from under my feet. OK, not literally, but you get the point.

Here are some ideas that I gathered along the way:

1) Make sure that you’re picking the right time to work out

Look, you know your house better than anyone. Obviously it’s not good to pick the highest traffic time in your house to work out in the living room. If you have somewhere else to work out, great, but otherwise follow a workout schedule and pick smart times. It’s important that you learn how to create a workout schedule that can be applied when you choose to workout at home.

2) Tune out any distractions

So at the gym, there are very few distractions that happen (most of the time). TV’s are generally muted, there might be some music, and everyone is working out. When you workout at home, it’s not that easy. That’s why I recommend investing in a good, portable music player and getting an awesome playlist. Otherwise, you can do one better and get an armband and some comfortable headphones for your ipod and listen away without disturbing the rest of your house.

3) If you can avoid it, don’t watch the time

Have an alarm set for when your workout is over or when you need to switch it up, but do not stare at the clock. For most people (especially those who are beginners) the clock can be distracting. Focus on rocking your workout, avoid looking at the clock every two seconds hoping it would be over.

4) Get the nagging tasks out of the way first

You will have a much more pleasant workout if you aren’t worrying about the dishes and laundry that aren’t done. Get them done first. Even if that means getting out of bed a little bit earlier, do what you have to do. Show your body that you are committed to being here and want it to function optimally right through to old age. Things will get easier over time after the adjustment and transition period.

It can be hard to commit to and complete a workout at home, but in the end, it is worth it. When you can stay focused and get the job done, you will see results and ultimately those results will keep you motivated for more results.

Don’t give up. Whatever you do, keep pushing play. Keep focusing on your goals, refuse to lose. You started this journey for a reason, don’t forget it.

About the author: Amanda is a blogging, designing, health seeking mom who is focused on learning, growing, and sharing.

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