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5 Baby Essentials for Fit Grandparents

fit granparentsAs a new grandparent, it’s essential to spend quality time with the new baby. Whether you go to the park, take a walk around the zoo, visit family or friends and traverse the neighborhood showing off your grandchild, you’ll need the right transportable gear to keep them happy and entertained.

1) Jogging Stroller

If you plan on taking your grandchild for a day at the zoo or walk in the park, a jogging stroller will make the excursion easy. With an assortment of handy compartments for diapers, food, a change of clothes and bottles, you won’t be lacking in storage. A jogging stroller is also geared for bumps, long rides and fast walks because it absorbs the motions, making it less bouncy for the baby. The stroller can also handle all types of terrain such as nature trails, asphalt and grassy areas.

2) Play Yard 

This unique gadget is a must-have tool for parents and grandparents. A baby play yard is a safe piece of baby equipment that allows your infant to play in the comfort of their own space. Add a few of their favorite plush animals, toys and books, and you have the ideal play area to promote individual play. It’s also transportable, making it easy to take from room-to-room, park and neighbors home. It’s also a cozy place to nap during the day and at bedtime.

3) Baby Bouncer

At times a new baby can become finicky, and it can be difficult to soothe or comfort them, especially when you’re out showing them off to your friends and neighbors. A baby bouncer is the ideal piece of infant equipment because the soothing motion mimics being held. It can also come with an assortment of lights, sounds, musical notes and toys to keep them happy and entertained. The baby bouncer is also easy to transport for grandparents who are on the go.

4) Activity Gym

When you’re visiting friends and neighbors with your new grandchild, you’ll want a safe and germ-free environment for them to play in. An activity gym is compact and easy to tote wherever you may go. The plush mat is designed with an assortment of toys and objects to stimulate their senses. It’s also ideal for tummy time activities and getting them to crawl. The overhead toy bar can light and play music when they bat or grasp the various objects.

5) Baby Sling 

A newborn infant wants to be close to their loved ones the first few months of their lives. To give you some hands-free time while you’re watching your grandchild, an infant sling can allow you to be active and fit while keeping them close to your heart. The slings are also simple to maneuver and can provide comfort and security to keep an infant entertained as you walk the neighborhood showing off the newest family member.

Active grandparents have a host of options to keep their new grandchild entertained and happy when they come to visit. In addition to their entertainment value, you’ll find the above items essential for easy transport and mobility.

About the Author: Giovanna O’Neal is a wife, mother of three, and blogger who pays close attention to products for children. She enjoys sharing articles about gear like a baby play yard and strollers that make keeping babies on the go easy.

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