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5 Essential Exercises That Will Help You Become a Better Golfer

If you want to become a great golfer you can’t just spend hours and hours on the golf course. You might become really good because you practice all the time, but you will never become great. If you want to take your game to the next level it’s time to start getting serious. What does every other sportsman have to do on a regular basis to make sure they are always at the top of their game? They obviously have to spend a lot of time working out in the gym.

Because you’re not a professional you don’t need to go crazy and exercise all the time, but it’s definitely important that you train a few muscles. If you’ve not done any resistance training before you will probably struggle in the beginning, but after a while you will start to see your game improve. We’re going to look at some simple exercises you should get started with. Each one will help you in a different way, so don’t skip any out.

Stability ball crunches

Most people have weak abdomens and it’s maybe something to do with the fact we’re always sitting down. If you perform crunches on a stability ball it will help to strengthen your entire core. Being able to stand over the ball with good posture obviously means you will be able to hit it more sweetly than you do at the moment. You can always perform the crunches on the floor if you don’t have a ball available, but using one will allow you to use a bigger range of movement.

Goblet squats

Squats are known as the king of all exercises which is probably true, but it doesn’t mean you need to stand under a heavy bar lift monster weights. A goblet squat is like a bodyweight squat only you hold a dumbbell out in front of you. You can hold anything that is a little heavy if you’re not doing them at the gym. They will help to build your core and leg muscles, which will result in you being able to drive the ball further.


Your lower back is still part of the core group of muscles, but it’s on the opposite side to your abdominal muscles. Most of the population has a weak lower back and it’s the reason why so many people call in sick each year with back trouble. You can perform these on a stability ball if you have someone to hold your legs. It’s going to help with stability, but also endurance so you will be able to play all day before your muscles start to get weak.

Inverted rows

An inverted row is simply an easy chin-up. Not many people can lift their entire body off the ground, so there is no point in telling you to do proper ones. When you do an inverted row you mimic the same movement only your legs are always touching the ground. This does mean you will need to have a low bar to hold onto. Your back muscles should be very strong because it will improve the power in each shot you take.

Walking lunges

Walking lunges are another great exercise for your leg muscles, but also your core muscles. You will know how to do normal lunges, so you just need to know walking ones mean you keep moving forwards instead of bringing your foot backwards after each rep. They will help to build your leg muscles, but because your feet aren’t together they will also improve your stability. When you go to hit the ball there is less chance of you losing your balance.

You should start now

You won’t become a better golfer by sitting around all night watching TV. If you don’t love exercising you just need to think about how sweet it will feel beating everyone at the next competition. If you start working out now you will see the results a lot quicker.

About the Author: Harvey Tyson is a trainer at JP Golf, which offers beginner golf lessons in Australia. He enjoys writing about health and fitness in his articles and he regularly indulges in adventure sports and meditation. You can know more about him at www.jpgolf.com.au.

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