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Exercises That Will Make Your Face Look Thinner

face slimming exerciseWhen it comes to the battle of the bulge, people are willing to try anything, from starvation diets to extreme fitness regimens. There are even exercises that target the face, promising a slimming effect on our calling card for the world. Take a look at a few of the current facial exercise trends that people are trying to get rid of those chubby cheeks.

Tighten That Chin

The dreaded double chin is a hallmark of weight gain. Besides going on a diet and exercising to shed those excess pounds, it is possible to take fitness measures to address the chin. One of the best options is to tip the head back and look up at the ceiling. Hold this position for five seconds and pucker up. Do this ten times a day or more for promising results.

How About Trimming Those Cheeks?

Get ready to pucker up again. This cheek slimmer involves sucking on the index finger with force for ten seconds. Take the finger out and start all over again. Keep up this routine for ten minutes a day at the beginning. As tolerance and strength is enhanced, extend the time to fifteen minutes. Pursing the lips really puts the face to work.

What About Saggy Lips?

Even the area around the lips can be the subject of physical fitness. One simple exercise involves pressing at the corners of the mouth with the index fingers, drawing the lips in a downward direction. At that point, smile, forcing the lips to fight against resistance and make the facial muscles move upward. Repeat this workout ten times in the initial stages and increase repetitions over time.

Try Yoga for the Face

They say yoga has many benefits for the body. Why not the face? Begin by pursing the lips for at least ten repetitions and then it is time to find one’s center. Gaze straight ahead and then look to the left, without turning the head, for at least ten seconds. Repeat the exercise by looking to the right. This exercise can begin with five repetitions, increasing gradually as tolerance builds.

Tone the Entire Face

This exercise involves clenching the entire face. Squeeze those eyes shut tightly and pucker up once more for a ten second duration. Continue with repetitions between five and ten a day to have a slimming effect.

All of these exercises sound great, but there is no magic bullet. Truth be told, that thinner face is going to come first and foremost by losing weight. Choose healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle to make the pounds melt away. The first telltale sign of weight loss will show in the face. Exercises can certainly help with toning, but those calories need to burn off first. Camouflage can always help as well. Try creative measures with make-up or break out the mens shaving brush to get rid of facial hair. A beard will only make cheeks look fuller. Think outside the box to slenderize when it comes to the face.

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