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Five Great Water Workouts

water workoutWhile exercise offers great benefits for just about everyone, some people find it hard to participate in every kind of workout. People with joint or muscle disorders find activities like jogging or cycling too painful, while the elderly have more difficulty moving. For many people, water workouts provide a great alternative to just sitting around and getting out of shape.

Among the benefits of exercising in water are:

  • Less stress on sore muscles and joints
  • Minimal compression on the spine
  • More effective workouts due to water resistance
  • Lower risk of injury or heat stroke
  • A more relaxed state of mind

Here are some easy water workouts to help you get started:

Water Jogging

If you like running but hate having sore knees and legs as a result, bring your workout to the pool. Start in the shallow end and jog from one end of the pool to the other. Rest for 60 seconds between each lap; it’s tougher than you think to jog through water. If you’re in the deep end (where your feet don’t touch the ground), put on a flotation device and run in place.


This is a great workout if you want to tone your entire body at once. Head to the deep end and start making small circles with cupped hands as you tread the water. Keeping both legs straight, lift one leg in front of you and hold it for five seconds. As you bring that leg down, lift the other leg and hold it for five seconds. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Pool Plank

This exercise not only helps to relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, it also tones your upper body and lets you use those fun pool noodles. Stand on the pool floor and hold a noodle in both hands. Press down until your body is on an incline (but not so far that your head is underwater). Hold the position for 1-2 minutes and then come back up.

Water Walking

Going for a brisk walk is good for your body and your mind; taking that same walk in the water takes the pressure off your joints and helps you cool off in the summer. Get into waist-high water and start walking as you would on land. Swing your arms naturally, or add hand webs for increased resistance to tone your upper body as you work your lower body.

Lots of people swim to get in shape, but you don’t have to be Michael Phelps to get the most out of a water workout. Whether you’re a retired Hanover workers’ comp attorney or a construction worker with a sore knee, exercising in the water is a smart, cool, effective and painless way to get in shape. Do some of these exercises and get all the benefits of exercising without the pain or discomfort.

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