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Five Simple Steps for a More Beautiful You

how to be beautifulIt would be great if we had all the time in the world to devote to our beauty routine–who doesn’t want to look her best every day? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have that luxury, and our busy schedules keep us on the go. Fortunately, there are simple beauty tips you can easily incorporate into your daily life to keep you looking great, and here are five of the best.

Get back to nature

Some of the most effective beauty products are probably in your pantry right now. Make a shower scrub by mixing two parts olive oil with one part sea salt and use it once a week. Treat your hair to a shine-enhancing mask by mixing an egg and a mashed ripe banana and working it through to the ends. Follow with a gentle shampoo. Soften cuticles and dry skin with extra virgin coconut oil so your hands don’t give away your age.

Lighten up: Blonde highlights around your face brighten your eyes

Instead of your favorite green eye shadow, line your lids with a gentle wheat or honey color to give your eyes a fresh, natural look. Ditch the heavy black mascara for a lighter formula and use it sparingly to avoid clumps and “spider lashes.” Switch to a tinted lip-gloss instead of dark matte lipstick to make your smile shine.

Speaking of smiles, pay attention to yours

Your smile is the most potent weapon in your beauty arsenal—use it often! Use a whitening toothpaste and keep floss in your purse. Chew on crunchy veggies; they’re a natural abrasive and remove stains while you eat. Strawberries can be your smile’s best friends, those little black seeds notwithstanding. The vitamin C in them fights plaque buildup and the malic acid is a natural stain-fighting astringent. If your smile isn’t everything you want it to be, consider a consultation with an Invisalign orthodontist to straighten your teeth without using braces.

Buy a well-fitting, supportive bra and wear it every day

Get measured at a department store and choose a model with band and strap width appropriate for your body type to eliminate that unsightly bulge that comes from too narrow or tight bras. Your clothing will thank you.

Baby your face

Avoid heavily scented products. Try a mineral foundation for gentle coverage and natural sun protection. Wear a hat at the beach. And never leave the house without a good sunscreen, unless you think lizards have great skin.

Looking great doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, and looking your best means taking care of more than just your face. Try these five simple beauty tips and you’ll look better than ever.

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