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Get Fit: Five Tips to an Effective Workout

effective workoutLife in the 21st century is a busy and time-consuming affair. Once a person wakes up, makes breakfast, gets the kids to school, gets home, makes dinner and helps with the kid’s homework, what time is left for any significant amount of personal indulgence? One sure-fire way to make this kind of hectic living routine easier to manage is by eating healthy and staying in shape (physically, emotionally, and cognitively). Planning a workout regimen tailored to your daily schedule is the first step; a step which if taken can elevate your energy levels and other essential physiological processes. Here is a quick-guide to planning your workout routine.


In so many situations in our lives, writing down our goals and plan of attack gets the jumbled, sometimes overwhelming and cloudy, ideas out of our minds and down on something tangible, paper that is. Set aside some time for mapping out what time(s) of the day you are mostly likely to find an opportunity to get a workout in and stick to it! Do not waver from your pre-ordained schedule. One way to keep you vested, while adding a potent motivator to the mix, is to chart your progress. This means writing down how long you walked, how many repetitions and how much weight you lifted or how many calories and carbohydrate you ingested or turned away, respectively.


People who do the same exercises over and over again often become disenchanted and lose interest in getting fit after a short while. Variety is something that adds a new spin on monotonous activities, and this is especially true where working out is concerned. First, remember that a total body work out is what you should be after, and so take this into account. For instance, the human body has a lot of muscle, and each muscle performs a different task. For a total feeling of fitness and strength, you need to work all muscle groups, some at different times, but a comprehensive approach is the preferred course of action. Variety is key when formulating a workout regimen.

Cool Down Periods

No one can exercise 24 hours a day, and so rest and recovery is an integral part of not only keeping you injury-free, but it also contributes to a person making muscle-mass and strength gains—after all, the body needs time to build itself back up after you have worked so diligently in tearing it down. First, while you are just beginning, take things slowly. Do not dash out of the starting gates, give your mind and body a chance to acclimate to this new way of doing things. This is also a good philosophy as it will help you avoid injury, or wake the next day suffering from a buildup of lactic acid. Purchasing kinesiology tape in these instances helps reduce swelling and takes pressure off of overused muscles.


What you’re eating during your workout routine is just as important as the quality of air you breathe. You would not breathe too deeply were the air around you polluted, so take the same attitude into your fitness life. Energy-dense foods (carbohydrate, starches, etc.) are the best options when wanting to fine-tune your nutritional intake. Turn away from fast foods, heavily processed foods, and make the switch to fruits, vegetables, and lean sources of protein.

Personal Trainer

If it is in your budget, enlisting the help of a personal trainer is one final, but beneficial, suggestion for your workout needs. A personal trainer can make two important contributions: First, they can tailor even further your self-generated workout routine, and they can also show you new methods to getting sizeable gains even quicker. As an aside, they, by their very presence, lend a feeling of support and motivation if you feel you might be lapsing a bit in focus and determination.

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