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Is The Raw Food Diet a Superior Healing Strategy?

Raw fruit and veggie dietIf you’ve been looking into your health goals for a while, you’ve probably heard a lot of vocabulary tossed around that can be overwhelming. Organic, all natural, raw, sugar free, fat free, kosher… The list goes on and on. Today I really want to focus in on raw foods, and why raw food diets are so ideal for the human body.

Why Raw Food Diets Are So Superior; Connecting the Dots

If you think of your health and fitness in simple logic, it’s pretty simple to connect why raw foods are making such a hit with their actual function. You see, if you believe that man was once caveman (or, even if you believe they were just Adam and Eve), you have to remember that back then, there was no stove. There definitely wasn’t a microwave, and fires were difficult to build.

When the average hunter gatherer was on the move, do you think that they stopped to cook most of their meals? My guess is, probably not. It would be inefficient, really. They more than likely snacked on nuts, seeds, and berries and thrived on mushrooms and plant life. So if the human body was created to (or evolved to) digest raw, wholesome fruits and veggies – what do you think it does when trying to process the mountains of processed food we pile into it today?

A Story That Changes Everything

Meet Dave. Dave was the average unhealthy 430lb man before he figured out the trick to success was a healthy diet. He was literally wasting away. Not only did Dave suffer from colon cancer, but his organs were beginning to go into uncharted “irreversible” territory and he literally did not know what to do. So one day, he started over; reprogrammed his entire way of thinking. Now, he’s cancer free and an advocate of healthier lifestyles having authored books and published tons of information on his battle. (Learn more about Dave, the raw food [former] trucker and get the facts on what he did to turn his life around).

Look, I’m not saying that you go all out and change everything you’ve ever learned about food (although for some, that’s a good idea); it’s just important that you explore the world of healthy options out there. I highly recommend trying to incorporate more raw fruits and veggies into your diet and watching your health peak and your performance go back to where it’s supposed to be.

Raw food diet can do wonders to your body. See for yourself

About the author: Amanda is a blogging, designing, health seeking mom who is focused on learning, growing, and sharing.

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