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Kick Your Training into High Gear: Ways to Increase Your Workout Results

Once you have established a great fitness routine, there are some additional tricks you can begin using to improve your workout results every time you hit the gym.

Fueling Up Before Workouts

Never eat a full meal right before you go to the gym, but try to give your body some great fuel to burn at least an hour before your workout. This will actually help kick your workout into gear and help you burn more calories. Since carbohydrates are the preferred fuel for the body, have something like a granola bar, or a slice of bread to kick-start your metabolism. Depending on your workout goals, however, when you want to burn more fat, working on an empty stomach may be more beneficial.


Stretching is one of the most missed parts of an exercise program. Almost all body trainers will tell you that it is important to stretch after a workout. Research studies show that stretching after a workout increases the workout results by 20 percent as well as helping to lower cholesterol. Remove lactic acid buildup and gain flexibility by stretching out just warmed muscles.


In the past, it was said that drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages before a workout would cause you to workout harder and stimulate the body. However, this is misleading. Caffeine can be a serious health hazard if consumed right before a workout. Caffeine restricts the flow of blood in the body which can be dangerous when working out and blood need to move freely. Caffeine does work to alert the mind, but it will not improve your workout. For an improved workout, stay away from caffeine.


Recently, science has developed a version of human growth hormone that is used by some athletes to improve their workout. Athletes use this often as an addition to their workout, because HGH can help with muscle strength, bone composition, and increased energy. When the workout can be amplified for these kinds of results, this option is a perfect addition to any athlete.


To have the best possible workout, it is essential to monitor your water intake. Even though you do not have to drink during the workout, about three hours before your workout, you should drink about three cups of water. Drink another cup of water right before the workout. Dried out muscles do not work as hard as hydrated muscles. If you do not drink enough water, you are handicapping yourself unintentionally in your workout.

Exercise Times

It is always better for your body to workout versus skipping your workout when the time is inconvenient. If you have the option of when you can work out, try to workout in the late afternoon and evening. Studies show that your muscles are the most limber and strongest in the later hours of the day. Always save your heavier lifting and toning for later in the day. Your muscles will be ready to give you the best workout ever.

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