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Natural Smoking Cessation Methods

Stop smoking naturallyIf you are ready to kick the cigarette habit, please don’t buy into the gimmicky products that keep the nicotine habit alive. I won’t single any of the chewy or patchy products out, but instead I want to share with you today about some free or very low-cost (food as medicine for example) options that are readily available on your quest for quitting smoking in a natural way.

Disclaimer: As always, please check with a natural health care professional before considering any of the changes that pertain to your health and well being.

1) Congratulations, You Are a Natural Health Seeker

I think it was Tony Robbins who I heard talking about how you label yourself when it comes to changes that you want to make. His suggestion was to call yourself something that is incongruent with the behavior you are working on changing. For example, you can call yourself a natural health seeker. Keep calling yourself that (and ask others to as well) and when you have the desire to light up you will unconsciously call yourself a liar, because your brain (or was it the mind?) wants to keep you honest. If you say that you are a seeker of natural health then YOU ARE and your body and the Universe (or whatever your belief system is) will see to it that you stay congruent with that message, or label.

2) Think Like an Oak Tree, Not Like an Acorn

OK, maybe you aren’t quite the “oak tree” that you want to be. You could still be the acorn on this quest, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think like the oak tree. Ask yourself this question in an endeavor: “How would the person that I’d like to be, do the things that I’m about to do?”

Put differently: “How would the more refined version of me do what I’m going to do right now?”

You can ask yourself that question all day long in relation to anything that you are doing, not just pertaining to smoking cessation.

3) Consider a More Physical Solution: Detox the Lungs

Now, if the “mindset stuff” seems a little too wonky for you, consider this. Perhaps the cells that make up the tissues that make up the organs (lungs for example) are addicted to specific substances. They could generate cravings in whatever form to get more of the addictive material even if it is harmful for you. I can go on and on about the nastiness in cigarettes but I want to uplift you, not make you feel bad about something you already know is harmful.

Ay any rate, perhaps it is possible to eliminate the cravings at the cellular level. Maybe by removing these toxins from the cells of the lungs, the desire to smoke will begin to dissipate. What do you think?

Consider the following methods to cleanse the lungs naturally:

  • Eat more cayenne pepper as it can help to break up and move congested mucus from the lungs making more room for healthy oxygen
  • Chlorophyll rich foods can help rid your lungs and other body parts from harmful toxins – as an example, consider juicing cilantro (or coriander) or blending it with fruit in a smoothie to reap some lung detox benefits
  • Garlic, rosemary, turmeric, and ginko biloba are all said to be beneficial for “cleaning” out the lungs, among their many other health benefits

4) Breathing Exercises to Stop Smoking

Exercise in general has been proven to assist in the desire to quit smoking. It can be the release in health chemicals, and the sweating that helps with the detox. But I’m sure it also has to do with pulling in more oxygen into the lungs. I even read a study that suggests that the intake of marijuana (by smoking it, as opposed to eating it, etc) can help bring in more oxygen and open the lung sacs more which can eliminate the harmful material in the lungs. This can further reduce the cellular addiction which can eliminate the cravings which may dissolve the habit.

At any rate, check out the video below to learn more about how your breathing can help you with your quest as a natural health seeker. In parting I would also like to suggest that you not use the word “trying” but rather that you are “doing.” Best of luck. Smoking stinks, yuck! Hey, I’ve been nice so far, needed to throw in a quick dig 🙂

Yes, this woman is sitting on her toilet shooting the video from her bathroom but she has some valuable information, for us and apparently President Obama too. Enjoy…

About the author: Keith Lock is a natural health advocate, work from home dad, writer and web tech. Keith has never smoked but participates in most of the natural smoking cessation suggestions discussed above anyway, to keep the body and lungs clean from toxins.

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