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Sperm Donor Confidentiality: Know Your Rights

sperm donorBecoming a sperm donor is a big decision and one that needs to be thoroughly thought out.  There are many factors to consider before becoming a sperm donor, most importantly regarding your confidentiality.  It is important that you know what to expect from a clinic in regards to your confidentiality and your rights as a donor.  Of course, depending on what type of donor you are choosing to be, the confidentiality and rights will differ. This article will discuss what to expect from a clinic regarding your confidentiality and your rights as a donor.  Take some time to educate yourself before making this important decision, and make sure you are choosing the clinic that best meets your needs.  All clinics should have a confidentiality agreement that will protect you as a sperm donor, so it is important to know your rights and do your research on the clinic before following through with your donation and signing any contracts, so you can insure your safety and confidentiality.

When you are donating anonymously

If you are deciding to donate sperm anonymously, you should expect that your sperm donation will be made in complete confidentiality, and your name will never be released to any child or parent who is a recipient of your sperm.  Of course, this can change if you decide later, and some clinics also have what is called an “openness agreement.”  An openness agreement means that should a child born from your sperm donation wish to meet you as their biological father, you can be contacted and asked if you would like to meet.  You will be contacted by the clinic and your name will not be released without your consent.  Should you decide that you would like to meet the child, the clinic will help to arrange communication. If you decide you do not want to meet the child, the child will be informed and your name will not be released.  Also, most clinics assign you a donor number, which you are continually referred as and will show up on all of your paperwork, thus protecting your name.

When you are not donating anonymously

Most people who are donating for someone they know do not donate anonymously.  However, you might be considering donating without anonymity and you do not know the recipient. Either way, it is important to know your rights as a potential biological father.  If you are donating for someone you know, it is important to draw up a legal agreement amongst yourself regarding your role and rights as a parent, based on your desire and the desire of the recipient.  Chances are you have already discussed such matters, but it is always a good idea to have it in writing.  If you do not already know the recipient, make sure the confidentiality agreement you sign with the clinic best reflects your desire, such as whether or not you want to know the recipient or not, and keep in mind that not all recipients want to meet and know the donor.

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