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The Health Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditationWith all the hype surrounding high-energy workouts including high intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabatas, and CrossFit (and rightly so, due to the results people are getting), something as still and silent as meditation doesn’t seem to fit in with a modern exercise regimen. Yet, meditation might be the best thing a fitness enthusiast can do to help improve their performance and achieve goals more quickly. It could also help boost metabolism and increase levels of endorphins released during exercise. Additionally, meditation really is just exercise for your mind; the more you train your mind to focus on the process, the better the results from each session. Bottom line: meditation is a practice that improves your mental and physical health.

As with all exercise, the more you engage in the activity and practice, the better you will be at it. This infographic from is a detailed guide on how to get started on a fledging meditation practice, and it outlines some of meditation’s biggest health benefits. If sitting still in a darkened room is not your speed, try incorporating meditation into your workouts. High intensity activities are not the best pairing for meditation—try paddleboarding, yoga, running or walking for moving meditation instead.

Achieve fitness goals faster by adding an element of stillness to your lifestyle!

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