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Top 10 Most Common Signs of Drug Addiction

drug addictionPeople suffering from addiction to the abuse of any substance usually could not realize the seriousness of their problem so that they can start any treatment in time to get recovered to their normal position. Consequently you have to take the help of some family member or some close friend to make him realize that they have to change their lifestyle along with following several steps to make them live a healthy life. You will have to know the main cause of their involvement in addiction of certain substance, if someone you love is involved in it. Some of the most common signs of drug addiction are being discussed in this article for your guidance for detecting the cause of addiction of your loved one.

1. Change in personality

Person may show negative attitude in his personality if he is addicted to some substance. Change in his personality due to drug abuse can be noticed very easily. Though change in personality can also occur due to psychological disorder but it should not be ignored to get diagnosed for drug abuse also.

2. Swinging mood

Most of the drug addicts show swinging mood most of the times. They may become out of control or at high mood when they are under the influence of drug but as its affect reduces they may show signs of depression or very low attitude.

3. Untruthfulness

One of the most common changes in the behavior of drug addicts is their untruthfulness. Whether they use it to cover up their condition or deny the use of drugs but most of the times they lie even to their closest person.

4. Altered sleeping habits

Many types of changes in the sleeping habits of drug addicts are observed. If you observe dramatic change in the sleeping habits of a person then you can easily come to the conclusion that he is under the addiction influence of some drug. They may look tired all the times or may sleep all the day long under the influence of drug.

5. Abrupt rise or fall in body weight

A dramatic rise or fall in the body weight is experienced in most of the cases of drug addicted people.

6. Theft

Most of the drug addicted people are found involved in shoplifting or stealing activities as they need money to fulfill their need for drugs which is costly for them as they become unable to work properly to earn their livelihood. You may find them borrowing money or stealing things all the time.

7. Dramatic change in physique

People addicted to any kind of substances may show abrupt change in their physique. Pale complexion, sweating all the times, sunken eyes and acne filled face are some of the common changes in their physique that are observed normally.

8. Absence from social participation

Mostly addicted people try to avoid social participation due to their odd habits. They even avoid meeting their close friends for this very reason.

9. Unusual friend circle

Mostly drug addicted people get involved in friendship with unusual people who are also addicted to some drug but may not fit to their standard. Drug addicted people usually feel comfortable in the companionship of addicted people.

10. Inefficient at work

The working efficiency of the people under the influence of the addiction to some drug can get hindered greatly. They do not remain capable of doing even their day-to-day works. Most of them are fired out of their jobs due to their drug abuse habits and obstructed efficiency of working there.

Thus you can easily recognize your addicted friend or loved one through the most common signs of drug addiction discussed in this article.

Author Bio: This post has been written by Parker Ben. He loves to write about Health and Fitness. He is evangelist at Burning Tree. They provide best long term treatment solutions to their patients.

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